Hey There!!

Thank you SOOOO much for ordering your graduation announcements through us this year! I can't believe that we're a mere two months away from graduation! That being said, we are trying to streamline this entire process to make this as easy and painfree as possible.

There are THREE SIMPLE STEPS to making this happen for us!

1.  If you haven't already, FIRST go to choose and pay for your announcements.  You can do this at http://thebartees.bigcartel.com/products

2.  Fill out the form below, this will give me all the correct information to create your announcement, and insure that all of the details are spelled correctly! Ya'll know that I was born and raised in the south, and my spelling and grammar really aren't the best. ;-P

3.  Wait for an email from me! It will likely be a couple of days before you will receive a proof.  As soon as you look over and proof-read, if there are any mistakes, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible! When I receive your approval, I'll send out the order and it should be here in about two weeks.

As before, if you have any questions or concerns... or you just want to tell me that I'm awesome... call me at (740)416-1185.



P.S. Orders required before May 1st need to be submitted and approved by April 13th.  Ordering will end on April 16th. 

Senior's Full Name [As You Would Like it to Appear on the Announcement ] *
Senior's Full Name [As You Would Like it to Appear on the Announcement ]
The spelling on this form will be used for you annoucement.
Remember to use the FILENAMES, these will look something like "RanaB-72" or "BrandonB-01". The design that you chose indicated which orientation(s) to use
I'm Interested in a Family Shoot this Summer!!!