Click Below to watch the video and preview all of the deals available this #BlackFriday, including our big surprise deal designed for picture freaks who like to get their photos done more than once per decade! The video is about 15 Minutes long, but if you do not have that much time, feel free to skip to the 9:40 Mark where we talk about the big surprise. 

But I know you are awesome so you will watch the whole thing... :)

Last year people saved over $10,000 with our Black Friday Deals...

Now it is your turn! This year a few of our deals will be: 

Signature Sessions: Normally $249 This Friday: $99

Our signature session is our most popular session for both Seniors and Families, and normally the session fee alone is $249. This Friday only you can cover the cost of your session itself for only $99! The best part is that you don't even have to know when you want to do your shoot yet because this voucher doesn't expire for 2 Years! Now remember, this only covers the session itself (prints are purchased after the shoot), but at Saving almost $150 from the start is a pretty good deal! (Read Below to find out how to save BIG on print packages too!)

Early Access Begins: Thursday at 9 PM
Number of Sessions Available: 15
Time until this deal sold out last year: 2 Hours 31 Minutes

TEXT "PHOTO" to 24587 to be the first to get the link when it goes live!

Print Packages: Up to 50% Off

Now we all know that the most expensive part of professional photography is not in the Session, but in the print packages that you purchase once you see the images for the first time. Most of the time, our clients spend between $750-$1500 on their print packages, but this Friday only, you can potentially save THOUSANDS by purchasing one of these vouchers! They will include:

$1500 Print Credit for $750 (3 Available) 
$1000 Print Credit for $600 (4 Available) *Most Popular*
$500 Print Credit for $300 (4 Available)
$300 Print Credit for $200 (4 Available) 

These vouchers are good for two years, so you don't even have to know when you want to do your session when you purchase! This is a fantastic way to go ahead and take care of next years portraits at a DEEPLY discounted rate. 

Early Access Begins: Thursday at 9 PM
Number of Vouchers Available: 32
Time until this deal sold out last year: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

TEXT "PHOTO" to 24587 to be the first to get the link when it goes live!

The BIG Wedding Package

This one created quite the frenzy last year. We did something we had never done before and decided to sell our biggest wedding package for the price of our smallest! You Get:

The All Inclusive Collection: Normally $5200 This Friday: $2500

3 Photographers
Up to 12 Hours of Coverage
USB with ALL photos that we produce
12x12 Italian Leather Heirloom Album
Two 12x12 Hard Back Parent Albums
Engagement Session with Digital Files Included!
Free Bridal Session
(and for the first time) Our Premium Open Air Photo Booth with unlimited prints!

Yes, I am serious, but what is the catch? There is no catch, but there is only ONE of these deals available, and just like the deals above, you don't HAVE to have a wedding date already picked to purchase this, but you do need to contact us ahead of time and clear your date if you already have one. Call Brandon at 740 416 4103 if you are interested in this deal and have questions

Early Access Begins: Thursday at 8 PM
Number of Vouchers Available: 1
Time until this deal sold out last year: 30 Seconds

TEXT "PHOTO" to 24587 to be the first to get the link when it goes live!

...and now for the Big Announcement: Club Bartee (New Name Later)

*First and foremost, the best way to learn about club bartee is to watch the video at the top of this page. If you don't want to watch the entre thing, you can start at the 9:41 Mark! Enjoy! 

One more thing. GO WATCH THE VIDEO. Good stuff starts at 9:40.

What is Club Bartee? 

Well other than the lazy name, it is actually pretty cool. Essentially you pay $500 to join, and then you get a free session (Normally $249) every year for 5 years, AND you get to take 20% off of your print packages as well. So in a typical session, you would pay nothing for the Session Fee, and then rather than paying, say, $500 for your print collection, you only pay $400... But it is so much more than that. 

Why? Because you get to use that same 20% off on all of our OTHER services as well... INCLUDING WEDDINGS. We will get to that more later.

In Summary - you get:

Five Session Vouchers worth $249 Each.

and SEVEN 20% off coupons good for ANY of our services, including Weddings and Workshops. Worth up to $1000 each!

What would that look like?

Year One: You decide to get amazing family photos with the Bartee's, but instead of paying $249 for the session itself, you pay $0. THEN when it is time to purchase your print collection you decided to get a big $1200 package because you want some Canvases and maybe even an album... but instead of paying $1200, you only pay $960.

Year Two: Your son is a senior in high school, but instead of paying $249 for his session, you pay $0. Then instead of paying $800 for his print package, you pay $640 because you were smart and joined "Club Bartee."

Year Three: Your daughter gets MARRIED. Wow this is going to be expensive... except for the fact that you were one of the super cool moms who bought "Club Bartee," so instead of paying $4300 for the big package that she has her heart set on, you pay only $3440.

Year Four: You are kind of tired of being in front of the camera, so you give your voucher this year to you favorite niece who just moved into a new house and needs family photos to decorate the walls. You have to keep "Favorite Aunt" status somehow! 

Year Five: After your daughters wedding, you have a new son in law and a new grandson, so it is time for another family session... but you got Club Bartee soo.... Get the picture? You should watch the video at the top of this page to see more examples

So I can use these as gifts as well?

If you MIGHT be getting married in the next 5 years, and you use this for your wedding, then it will already pay for itself right there, and you can give the rest away as gifts! 

Wait, so I have to spend money every year?
Actually, no. If you do not want to do a signature session every year, then you can exchange your voucher each year for an all inclusive mini session, digital files AND printing rights included! 

I don't quite get it...

Good! Now it is time to do what I told ya and watch the video above! 😛

I get it! How do I buy  it?

Awesome! First of all, only 20 of these will EVER be sold, and I imagine all of them will sell on Black Friday. We will be opening up early access on Thursday at 8PM. TEXT "BARTEE" to 24587 to make sure you get the link the second that this goes live.

What if I have questions? 

Call Brandon at 740 416 4103... and watch that video at the top. :)

OH! You mentioned something about giving one of these away for free?

Yes! All you have to do to be entered to win this awesome package for FREE, is share this page with your friends on Facebook. Extra entires for anyone that signs up through your link.

TEXT "BARTEE" to 24587 to be the first to get the link for "Club Bartee"when it goes live!