A Better Picture Day | Exploratory Community Survey


The purpose of this page, and the survey at the bottom is that Rana and I are currently doing a little bit of market research to see if there is real demand in the area for us to try and take over the local school photography contracts. This will only take about 5-10 minutes of your time, and we will send you a $50 gift certificate to use on one of our new Mini Shoots in exchange for completing it.

So Here is what you do:
1.) Read through this entire page
2.) Fill out the short survey at the bottom of the page

3.) SHARE the link to this page on your own facebook to help us get as much feedback as possible 
4.) Email me at photo@brandonbartee.com to get your $50 gift certificate

Please be as honest and thorough as possible, as your thoughts and opinions do very much matter to us and will directly affect our next move.



I want to start off by saying that if you read this post in the wrong context, it could come across as though we are blaming the school districts and their staff for your child having bad school photos. In reality, that could not be further than the truth. The schools use the "National Portrait Company" for one reason only - up until now, there has simply not been a better choice. Having graduated from this area, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that our local school system is a large part of what makes living in this area so great. I owe a lot of who I am today to the teachers and staff at Eastern High School, and again, this is in absolutely no way shape or form meant to disparage them in any way.... 

Southern Ohio School Photos

Shouldn't school portrait day be a better experience than has been offered in recent years?

As photographers, and perhaps more so as entrepreneurs, Rana and I are constantly evolving by trying to find new ways to not only develop our skills, but also to find better ways to solve problems that are out there in our community today. In our 7 years in business in the area, we have been asked dozens of times by our clients, "When are you guys going to come and do the school photos for our school?! I HATE the ones that we get every year and most of the time that I don't even buy them!"

Now I'm not gonna lie, up until recently we had absolutely no interest in doing school portraits. "Picture Day" is an entirely different ball game than what we do on a daily basis and something about it just doesn't seem all that fun! 

Until someone showed us something that changed our mind...

When I was in school (EHS class of 2006!), our "Picture Day" photos were never that exciting, but they weren't terrible. They were boring and not terribly creative, but they weren't BAD. That is how I thought things still were.

Our views changed dramatically when one of our clients brought us her child's photos that she got that year from the national portrait company (that shall remain nameless out of respect). She didn't say anything about them - she just laid them out on the table for me to look at. I was floored by how BAD they were!

I don't mean lack of creativity bad, because lets be honest, you can only get so creative when shooting 800 kids in one day. 

I don't even mean lack of image or print quality bad, because they were printed on the same paper and probably with the same printers that we use for our high end clients. 

What I mean by bad, and the reason that I was most floored, is that the kids eyes were half closed in the photo, his mouth was half open, and his uniform was on crooked. Isn't it the photographers job to make sure that your child is at least looking at the camera and ready for you to snap the photo?

But what really got us thinking was this...

Even then, we still weren't terribly moved to do something about it. It wasn't until later that night that we were really swayed. As I went home I talked to Rana about it and this is what came up:

For a lot of families in our area, school picture day is all that they have. They can't really afford to hire us for a private photo shoot, because let's face it, our Signature Sessions are not cheap! So the only "Professional Portraits" that they are able to have of their children come from the school.

Do they not deserve a little better?

The Problem, and our Solution

The problem with the national portrait companies is this:

They only have ONE customer, and it isn't you.

The national portrait companies are not accountable to you as a the parent, and once they get their foot in the door with the school and are under a 5 year contract, it doesn't matter how sloppy the photos are, what your child looked like, or how unhappy you are as a parent with your child's school photos. What's worse is that not even the school can do anything about the quality either! 

No matter what happens, their business and income are not in danger because:
A.) They still have 4 more years left in their contract or
B.) They take advantage of the school with the fact that there is no one else around even if the school wanted to find a replacement. 

What makes us a better choice?

Simple. We NEED you to like us. 

We don't have a corporate headquarters 1800 miles away. We aren't some nameless company that you have no real connection with. We don't have the luxury of not having to live with our mistakes.

We live and do business right here in South Eastern Ohio. We work with A LOT of you every year for our private portrait sessions. 

What this means is that if we were to show up to a school, do only the bare minimum that is required of us in our contract, take poor photos and go home - we would be HURTING OUR OWN reputation which directly impacts our livelihood. 

Like I Said, We NEED you to like us. We can't afford to do a bad job because that would be the end for us. 

and finally... the point of this survey...

In case you couldn't already tell from the text above, Rana and I intend to move into the school photography market in the next year. We see a need, and we think that we can fill it with a higher degree of excellence and integrity than the National Portrait Company. 

Please know though - we are not promising you that if we get these contracts that your children's portraits will be the most creative thing that you have ever seen. Like I said above, there is only so much you can do in 30 seconds with each child. I am not even going to promise you that there will not be any hiccups at first, because there probably will be! 

However what we do promise you is this.

We promise simply to DO BETTER. Even though you aren't going to win an award for innovation with a school portrait, based on what I have seen there is A LOT of room for improvement in this area...

We promise to CARE. If we take a photo of a child with their eyes closed, we will TAKE ANOTHER one with their eyes open. We promise to care about what your photos look like, because after all, our jobs depend on it. 

We promise to keep a package that is affordable to everyone.

Most of all, we promise to serve not only the school district, but also YOU, the parent. We will cater to both of you... 

and after all is said and done, we do promise to throw in a little bit of creativity and innovation into the process as well :)

What what do I need you to do?

First, I need you to fill out this short survey with as much detail as possible. I will be using this information to not only make a decision on pursuing this, but also in presenting to the schools themselves. 

Then, copy the link to this page on facebook with a little description about what it is for so that we can get as many responses as possible. 

FINALLY - email me at photo@brandonbartee.com to let me know that you have completed it, and I will email you back with your $50 gift certificate. 

THANK YOU - and here is the form for the survey (finally)

Name *
An example would be Buttons, Posters, Banners, Retake Days, etc

#WhiteFriday Sale is Here

#WhiteFriday is finally here!

What is it?

White Friday is the day the Rana and I leave for our wedding. 

White Friday is the last day that Brandon Bartee Studios will be in business. (With the same name :P)

White Friday is the last day we operate with our current business model. (LOT'S of changes coming)

but more importantly...

White Friday is your chance to save some money on your upcoming shoots or workshops with us.

White Friday is our last minute push for some extra honeymoon cash. (I'm not gonna lie to you! :P)


White friday is TODAY.

How is #WhiteFriday going to save me $$$?

There are 3 ways to save money on your upcoming work with us. On Photoshoots, on Workshops, and also on "Gift Certificates."

Here is a little more about each one.

The first way to save is through our 50% off photo shoot sale. Normally (and always after today), a 2 hour shoot with us costs $199. 

Today Only. The cost of your session is reduced to $99. 

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This covers the session itself, and you will come back to the studio a few days later and decide what you would like to purchase as far as prints and other products go! So... if you want to save money on prints as well... Keep Reading.

Now for my favorite part. 

The best way to take advantage of #WhiteFriday (by far) is to purchase a gift certificate at up to 50% off to use on prints, canvases, albums, or even to go towards your up coming wedding!

These are good for any photo shoot in the next 12 months - weddings, seniors, families, beauty... everything we offer.

You can get as much as a $2000 gift certificate for $1000, and as little as a $200 Gift Certificate for $100. Pretty good deal right?


If you are looking for a full service photo shoot experience where you walk away with beautiful wall canvas and possibly an album, we recommend buying either the $500 or the $750 package. If you are wanting to use this towards a wedding, we recommend buying the $1500 or the $2000 option. If you are looking to simply offset the price of an upcoming shoot or to purchase this as a gift, the $200 or $300 would be fine.

To buy your gift certificate at as much as 50% off: CLICK HERE

and Finally...

I get emails just about every day asking about when our next workshop is going to be! Up until today, my answer was "I'm not sure yet!" 

We are also taking this opportunity to announce our next workshops (May 3rd and 4th)! 

Best Part? Today only the workshops are 25% off!

To book our next workshop on May 3rd and 4th, CLICK HERE 

That's it! (But first some more info)

This deal is only available to the first 15 people, so get on it! 

Again - to get in on the action - CLICK HERE to go to our online store! 

Brandon and (The Future) Rana Bartee

BBS Photography Workshops for February


Did you get a fancy new camera for Christmas? 

Have you had one for a while but still have no clue how to use it right? 

Have you been dying to have an easy and affordable way to increase your photo skills ten fold in a single day?

I'm so glad! Because we have something just for you! (Spoken with a cheesy infomercial voice)

 On February 22nd from 10-7, we will be having another Photo Essentials Workshop!
From 10-4 we are going to be covering topics such as how to use your camera the way it was meant to be used, how to take beautiful photos of your friends and kids with just a few VERY low cost tools, how to shoot live events such as basketball games, and a ton more. 
Then, from 4-7 we are going to be taking what we learned in the class and going out on a real photo shoot where everyone will have the opportunity to try out what they just learned, as well as play with all of our cool toys :P
The cost for the class is $99 and includes 30 minutes of one on one time with us to answer any specific questions you may have.

Then, on February 23rd from 1-8, we will be having a more hands on workshop we call "The Advanced Class" that will be less about camera settings, and more about taking your photography to the next level once you have learned the basics. This is a smaller class with more one on one training so the cost is $129.
How do you sign up?

1. )CLICK HERE to go to our online store

2.) Select the "Photo Essentials Workshop!" or "The Advanced Class"

3.) Add one or both classes to your cart

4.) Once you checkout, you are done! 

Should I sign up NOW?

Yes. I mean - you can wait if you want to, but the last set of classes sold out VERY quickly. That, and the first FIVE people to sign up for either class get a 20% discount (Use the coupon code "SHOOTER" at check out!

Again - CLICK HERE to sign up for the classes! 



To ensure that we will have enough time to spend with each of you, there are only 12 seats available. You do not have to have a DSLR camera to attend this workshop, but it does help. However an iPhone will work just fine for 2/3 of what we will be teaching. The age limit for this class is 14-128. So... you have to be at least 14. Eat lunch before you come, but dinner will be provided from FOX's pizza. This class is not for professional photographers.

BLACK FRIDAY: 50% off just about everything. As long as you follow these steps...


Today is a great day for two reasons...

First... its Black Friday - one of the only days of the entire year that we run any kind of special on ANYTHING...  but more on that later.

Second... We are officially launching our "Online Store" today which is a separate part of our website where you can go to see pricing and information, and to book and pay for your shoots and workshops! (Yeah... we do workshops now!)

So what do those two have to do with each other????

I'm glad you asked. 

As I mentioned earlier. Today is Black Friday... and because it is Black Friday we are offering 50% OFF of all of our shoots, and even gift certificates! 

In other words... to book a Senior or Family Session with us you would normally have to pay $150-$300 for the sitting fee... but today it would only be $75!  Make Sense?

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Two Reasons - Maybe you have a friend that you would like to purchase a photo package for at $0.50 on the dollar.

You save money. They get a shoot. YOU look like a rockstar.

OR - you are planning on having a shoot with us later this year... you know that you are probably going to need to spend around $500... but today you can pre buy that credit for $250.

You Save Money. YOU get a shoot. and YEP. Still a Rockstar.



Well... In order to get this deal. You have to select, and purchase what you want VIA our online store (See the link at the end)

In other words... as soon as you are finished reading this fine post, click the link at the bottom and it will take you to the store where you can fill up your cart and check out! 

Then -  (within 2 business days) you will receive a phone call from one of us to pick a date and time for your shoot, or answer any questions you might have for us. 

Ok... Heading to the store in a second... How do I get my discount?

To get your discount. Simply add everything to your cart that you wish to purchase and then enter your coupon code (Telling you those next) when you get to checkout.

Coupon Codes:

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Tribute to Grandma and Grandpa Bahr



This morning around 8 am, my grandfather passed away at home surrounded by his family...

On the one hand, we have been expecting this and it is welcome news as he has been battling cancer and desperately missing my dear grandmother who passed earlier this year.

...but I can't help but feeling like we have reached the end of a great legacy.

Everywhere I go I hear things like -

"You are a Bahr aren't you?"


"I love your grandparents, Eileen was the kindest women I've ever met, and Henry one of the greatest men"

You see, I could go on and on about all of my memories of sitting in my grandparents kitchen as my "Ammaw" made home made bread and her amazing pancakes that she made in the shape of characters that I would have to guess before I could eat it - or all of the times that I rode on grandpa Henry's lap as he let me steer his tractor...

But one thing that has become crystal clear to me is that my grandparents touched SO many more lives than just my own.

I can't go anywhere here without hearing a story of my grandparents from someone and how they influenced them in some way.


I'm happy that they aren't suffering any longer...

And I'm happy that they are together once again...

But I'm sad. So incredibly sad because we have reached the end of a beautiful 90 year era... And I know that their legacy is in the lives they have touched.

But there is nothing that can replace them...


Grandpa Henry.

You have influenced my life in more ways than I can even possibly know of. Your integrity, wisdom, and work ethic has shaped me in to the man that I am today. Thank you. Thank you for everything.


You are the kindest woman I have ever known. Your love and compassion to the world you have left behind has meant so much to so many people.

Even though you are gone... I will do my best to honor both of you with my life and keep your legacy going.

I love you.

I miss you.

But most of all...

Thank you.

Your favorite grandson. :P


ICONIC Mini Shoots for the first half of November!


I can hardly contain my excitement...

{Quick Note: If you are an aspiring photographer just dying to improve your skills, be sure to read all the way to the end of this post as we have something that we have NEVER done before just for you

I'm serious. This is something that I have been working on for quite a while now, but we were only able to seal the deal LAST NIGHT... so this has all happened pretty fast! 
Why am I so excited? 
You see... 2 of the best portrait photographers in the world are coming to Pomeroy for the first half of November... and by Best... I don't mean that they are the best Senior or Family photographers... these guys shoot for magazines!

So what does that have to do with you? 

Im glad you asked! Like I said above, the guys from Lenz Photography are normally commercial photographers, but even when they are shooting us mere mortals, they still specialize in what they call "ICONIC PORTRAITURE"

What that means is that they take ONE thing about you (or your child), one thing that makes you ICONIC... and they turn it into a fantastic image that they shoot with the same technique that they use when shooting a model or an athlete for a magazine...
 ...and I have to say - the results are OUTSTANDING. Just look at these photos below!

So why should you care?

For the first half of November, BBS will be teaming up with the cool kids of Lenz Photography to take 12 ICONIC MINI SESSIONS of you or your child. These are 30 minute sessions that are designed to capture that ONE thing that makes you ICONIC. 
Is your kid a musical prodigy? Book this session

 Did you already book your senior session but want something a little extra? Book this Session

Is your little man just obsessed with football? Book this session. 

Is there something in your life that you are so passionate about that you want to capture it? Book this Session.

I think you get the point... but I will explain exactly what an "ICONIC SESSION" is here in a bit!
But first... more photos :)

Wait.. I'm still confused... what exactly is an ICONIC SESSION... and more importantly - HOW MUCH IS THIS GONNA COST ME?

To make it as simple as possible, an Iconic session is a short photo shoot, where we focus on capturing that ONE thing about you or your child that REALLY makes them stand out. If your little man is a skate boarder, then we are gonna spend the whole shoot getting images that really capture that about him.
But these aren't your standard posey images. These images will look like they are straight out of a nike advertisement. Really. 
The same concept applies if you are a football player, a musician, or even if there is just something in life that you are crazy about!

Now to talk about the dirty details... THE MONEY!


How much is an Iconic Session and how do I book?

This is the best part. Since these are only 30 minute - One Location - One Topic photo shoots...
The Session Fee for these shoots is only $39!!!!

Then just a few days after your shoot you will come into the studio and view your images and decide what you want to purchase as far as prints or canvases go. 
So whats the Catch?
The only catch is that these sessions must take place between November 1st and November 13th... and that we only have enough space for 12 people to book these. 
So if you want to book, scroll down a bit and fill out this short contact form letting us know what you are looking for and we will get ahold of you within the next few business hours to get you scheduled! 


If you want to book an ICONIC SESSION, or if you just want to learn more about it, fill out this form

Name *
Phone *
In other words, what do you want your photo shoot to be about?

HEY! If you are an aspiring photographer, read this!


The very last part of our big announcement is perhaps the part that I am most excited about! For years now people have been asking me when we are going to teach a photography class for beginners... and I am taking the opportunity of having my friends from LENZ PHOTOGRAPHY here to do it! 
SO - on Sunday, November 10th from 1 PM to 7 PM we are going to be having a photography workshop + hands on shoot here at the studio! 
From 1-5 we are going to be covering topics such as how to use your camera the way it was meant to be used, how to take beautiful photos of your friends and kids with just a few VERY low cost tools, how to shoot live events such as basketball games, and a ton more. 
Then, from 5-7 we are going to be taking what we learned in the class and going out on a real photo shoot where everyone will have the opportunity to try out what they just learned, as well as play with all of our cool toys :P
The cost for the class is $99 and includes 30 minutes of one on one time with us to answer any specific questions you may have.
How do you sign up?
Just shoot Brandon a call or a text at 740 416 4103 and let him know that you are interested and he will get you signed up! 

To ensure that we will have enough time to spend with each of you, there are only 12 seats available. You do not have to have a DSLR camera to attend this workshop, but it does help. However an iPhone will work just fine for 2/3 of what we will be teaching. The age limit for this class is 14-128. So... you have to be at least 14. Eat lunch before you come, but dinner will be provided from FOX's pizza. This class is not for professional photographers.

Margot Pyles Newborn Shoot | Brandon Bartee Studios | Newborn Photos | Pomeroy, OH | Durham, NC

Welcome to the world Miss Margot Elisabeth Pyles!

We worked with the awesome Pyles family a few months ago, and had the privilege of meeting little Margot at 11 days old! 

And let me tell you, what a GORGEOUS newborn! 

We had a little trouble getting this one to sleep (she just couldn't stand to miss anything!!) and I'm pretty sure she ended up being awake for most of her shoot. But she was such a trooper! 

Big Brother, Gabriel, was SUCH a big help. Whether it was reading to us, giving his new sister lots of kisses, or helping mommy! 

We can't wait to watch this little sweetie continue to grow!

-Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones)

PS - as of right now - we have less than 25 sessions left available for the entire year, and we fully expect those spots to be full before the beginning of October! If you are interested in setting up a shoot with BBS this year - >>>>> TEXT "PHOTO" to 24587 <<<<<

or... just click the little "IM INTERESTED!" button at the top of this page! 


Caleb Staley's First Year! | Brandon Bartee Studios | Baby Photography | Pomeroy, Ohio

Happy First Birthday Caleb!!  

Isn't this little guy just the sweetest? Look at those curls! 

We've been working with Caleb since he was a newborn, and its SO hard to believe its been a year already!  Taking pictures of him and his brother, Evan, is always a good time, and you're never quite sure which direction things will go.

Whether its trains, dinosaurs, smiles, or serious faces,

they're always a mystery, which keeps it interesting! Haha!! 

We're definitely looking forward to watching these two continue to grow!  

- Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones) 


PS - as of right now - we have less than 35 sessions left available for the entire year, and we fully expect those spots to be full before the beginning of October! If you are interested in setting up a shoot with BBS this year - >>>>> TEXT "PHOTO" to 24587 <<<<<

or... just click the little "IM INTERESTED!" button at the top of this page! We will get back to you so fast that... well you know.


Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!!!

Two years ago, I didn’t even know this girl.

She was one of our friends little sisters.... and that was about it.  Brandon and I started exploring the idea of hiring someone to photography our family clients, because we were just too busy with wedding and seniors.

We were browsing Facebook and up popped this picture... not from Bryan Minear.... but from his little sister. WHAT?!

It was fantastic, especially considering it was the very first shoot that Kimberly had ever done.  I told Brandon that she was the one we needed.  

After a few weeks of consideration, Brandon contacted Kimberly about coming to work for us as an intern, and if we felt like we were a good fit for each other, stay on to do our family portraiture.


she picked up everything we taught her.  I didn’t know if I was just fantastic teacher or she was brilliant... I’d love to believe that it was both, but I shouldn’t kid myself-she was brilliant. After a few short months, she became a part of our team.

I couldn’t be more thankful to have her here.  Every shoot she does, she continues to grow and learn, and is hungry to experiment with new ideas and is always striving towards bettering herself and her photography skills. She is a WAY better baby photographer than I could ever imagine being.

She's stood in for hundreds if not thousands of test shots. When we work together on projects, she's like a superhero and anticipates my every need and whim.  Everyone needs a Kimberly in their life... you should be jealous. ;-P

As much as I love having her as a colleague, I’m so much happier to call her my friend. One of my very best friends as a matter-of-fact. I’m so excited to have her in my everyday life, and thrilled that she’s going to be standing alongside of me on my wedding day.

When you meet her, you’ll see exactly what we do.  She’s a pleasure to be around, funny and quirky like all good people.  She has a love and passion for what she does, and more over for the life that she’s been given.  

I’m so happy having her here to do our family photography, she was madd skill for it. But more that, she’s been a kick-butt friend.

 Happy Birthday, Kimberly!! :)

Here's the deal: 

We couldn't think of the perfect thing to get her... so we decided to buy her clients. :)


What the heck are we talking about?!

Well.... if you schedule a family or baby session WITH KIMBERLY in the 24 HOURS
(Deadline: Tuesday, August 20th, 7pm) 

Brandon and I are going to pay for HALF of your sitting fee!!

So rather than paying $150 for your session, you only have to pay $75--Brandon and I will cover the other half.

How do I do it?! 

1. Text Kimberly at (740) 645-6510

2. Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

3. Schedule a date for your session, and pay half of your sitting fee over the phone ($75-we're paying for the other half) .

4. Make sure you do it before TOMORROW at 7 PM!! 


**** Want to do something REALLY REALLY REALLY special for Kimberly? If you're already one of her clients, share this awesome gift with anyone that you think might be interested!!*****

Help us make Kimberly's day super special!!


Hill Family Photos! | Brandon Bartee Studios | Family Portraits | Kid Photography | Pomeroy, Ohio

So, SO much to be said about this awesome shoot!

We've never met siblings that were more openly affectionate with each other. 

So sweet right??

They were loving, gorgeous, AND did I mention hilarious? 

Yep. We laughed most of the shoot, in fact we had so much fun, I think the kids forgot they were even getting their pictures taken! 

By the end we had named about every farm animal, and yelled 'Popsicles', instead of 'cheese', too many times to count! 

These three will definitely hold a special place in our hearts for the rest of our lives, and we can't wait to see them again soon!!

- Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones)


Jordan Huddleston Senior Pictures | Brandon Bartee Studios | Pomeroy, Ohio Senior Pictures

We always love working with our clients, but every now and then one will come along that is just so easy to shoot, so naturally glowing that takes literally no effort at all! 

Jordan is that Client. 

Even though Jordan's first shoot got rained out, (It has been one rainy summer!) we finally got to finish her photos last week and the results were amazing! Isn't she just radiant????

Anyway - Jordan has a special place in our heart because she told us that she has been looking forward to her senior pictures with us since she was a freshman and couldn't be more excited to finally do her shoot! (EGO BOOST!!!) 


Click the little arrows on the photos to see more, and be sure to let Jordan know on facebook what you think of her photos!

~Rana (aka Brandon's future wife)

PS - as of right now - we have less than 40 sessions left available for the entire year, and we fully expect those spots to be full before the school year even starts! If you are interested in setting up a shoot with BBS this year - >>>>> TEXT "SENIOR" to 24587 <<<<<

or... just click the little "IM INTERESTED!" button at the top of this page! We will get back to you so fast that... well you know.

Trace Nolan Tennant | Brandon Bartee Studios | Newborn, Easter, and 6 Month Portraits | Pomeroy, Ohio

Where do we even begin with this little man? 

First off, his initials spell out TNT

At that point, you already know that he is probably going to be the coolest kid ever! 

Trace is easily the most handsome, strong, down to earth baby that we have ever met in my life. He makes our job a piece of cake!! I think that out of the three shoots we've done so far, hes cried maybeee twice?? So yeah. He's pretty amazing! 

Not to mention that he has incredible parents who are not only fantastic clients, but now great friends of ours. We just want to give a MASSIVE thank you to Shannon and Dave for being some of our biggest, and most enthusiastic supporters.  We're more than looking forward to watching Trace, and your little family grow! 

- Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones)


"Brad and Kimberly have been our son's photographers since he was born. They are kind and caring people and I feel this shows genuinely in their work. They definitely take the time to make a family feel comfortable and welcome any and all ideas.  I couldn't picture going to anyone else for family photos as their very low key, and welcoming personalities show through in getting that perfect shot.  I'm forever greatful to have these memories of my son as he is only little once. Thank you guys, your work means more to our family than you will ever know. "

- Shannon



Connolly Family Portraits | Brandon Bartee Studios | Pomeroy, Ohio

We couldn't have had a prettier day, a more gorgeous location, or a sweeter family for these pictures!

And I mean, let's be honest, little Ashtyn is just ADORABLE!

She definitely made us work for it though. It took giving her an apple sauce break, some time in the swing, and the added help of their tiny dog, Raisin, to get a smile out of her. But once we got one, she didn't stop! (Gotta love the big, gummy smiles!!)

We had such an awesome evening with these guys, and can't wait to see them again soon for Ashtyn's one year pictures!  

- Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones) 


Libby's One Year Birthday Party!! | Brandon Bartee Studios | Family Portraits | One Year Photos | Pomeroy, Ohio

Wish a big Happy Birthday to Miss Libby McBride!!! 

We had the pleasure of taking pictures of this precious one year old, and couldn't have asked for a more cooperative, smiley little lady!

Can you spell A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!?? 

We feel so lucky to have shared a part in this special day, and that we were able to capture these memories for such an awesome family!!

- Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones) 


Brystol's One Year Pictures and Cake Smashing | Brandon Bartee Studios | Pomeroy, Ohio | Family Pictures

Words cannot even describe how much fun it was to shoot this gorgeous family!! 

I dont think we have ever met a one year old with as much personality as Miss Brystol. She really introduced us to all sides of herself, as you can see in the pictures above!  

Our morning started out kinda rainy, so we took advantage of that and broke out the umbrellas. Then we laughed at Brystol as she showed us all her crazy facial expressions, and soon after, out came the cake

(icing smeared on the floor, all over the walls, and all over mom!) 

......and we laughed some more! 

Happy 1st Birthday Brystol Young! You are absolutely precious, and we're so happy we got to spend the day with you!  

 - Kimberly&Brad (The Married Ones)

Jaycie Welker 3 Year Mini Shoot! | Brandon Bartee Studios | Pomeroy, Ohio | Family Photos

We couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic little guy to spend our morning with!

Can't you tell we had a blast?

Although he was shy at first, he was more than happy to bounce around on our GIANT beanbag and show us his many superhero impressions.

Spiderman, Superman, and Iron Man to name a few...

Needless to say, we had a great time with Jaycie and even managed to catch a few smiles between smashing like The Hulk!

- Kimberly 

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Julie and Jimmy Durst Family Photos!

We had such an incredible time working with the Durst family! We couldn't even get a bad picture of this family even if we tried!!!!! Have you ever seen a more photogenic group of people? 

Anyway - we had a blast - but it sounds like Julie did too! She was kind enough to send us this review of her time with us:

From Julie and Jimmy

"Pictures used to be a "Dreaded" event in our family, however now that we have experienced pictures with Brandon and Rana, we fill differently! We actually enjoyed it and had fun! Brandon and Rana did a great job at making us feel relaxed. We just followed their lead and the pictures turned out awesome! They also were open to any suggestions or wishes that we had for posing etc. My kids were so excited and had so much fun they didn't want Brandon and Rana to leave!!!!! We couldn't be happier we chose them to do our family portraits! We would definitely recommend Brandon Bartee Studios for any occasion!"


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Pablo and Caitlyn Aizpiri Wedding Photos | Brandon Bartee Studios

Flying back from Tulsa and thinking back on my experience with Pablo and Caitlyn's wedding...

And the only word that I can come up with is "beautiful"

I don't mean it in the sense of "oh she's so pretty"

I mean the entire thing - them as people, as a couple, the love and support of all of their guests.

This is an example of a relationship that was just so perfect... So natural... So obviously right...

The only word I could use to describe it would be "beautiful" 

See Pablo and Caitlyn are just so breathtakingly perfect for each other - they just "fit" as though they were literally designed for one another. 

So - Mr. and Mrs. Aizpiri, 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for not only flying me out and hiring me, but just for letting me get to be a part of such a beautiful experience. Your love for one another is simply inspiring. 

This is normally where I "wish you the best" in your life together, but I don't feel that's necessary here because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your life needs no wishing.

So instead I will simply congratulate you for the beginning of what is for sure to be one of the most beautiful love stories ever written.



Tribute to the man the introduced me to Photography!

I get a lot of questions about how I got into photography...  

and there are way too many reasons than I can fit into one post. 

However, I would like to share with you how it all began. Meet my favorite uncle Jim. (Story after the photo) 


You see - ever since I was a tiny little kid, I always loved playing with cameras. See the horrible evidence of me holding a camera, while apparently wearing a baby dress in this photo >>>>>>>>>>>>>



Neither of my parents or any of my friends parents where particularly interested in photography - so how did I go from being that ridiculous looking baby - to making photography my full blown career? 



You see - I probably would have given up on my dreams and gotten a real job had I not had someone to encourage my dream and teach me the ropes.

Enter my sainted uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim lives in California - but he sent me a gift of my first "Real Camera" when I was 10 or 11 years old, but he didn't stop there. Every time he came in to visit, he made a point to stop by the house and teach me a few things about photography and a few techniques.

FAST FORWARD 15 years. 

Now my little hobby has turned into not only my career, but it has grown to be much bigger than just me. As of this year there are now 5 incredible people on the BBS team (Every one of them more talented and better looking than I am!) and it absolutely thrills and humbles me to say that we are now booking three to four MONTHS in advance and are shooting around 200 clients a year! (Although this year we are only taking 120... more on that in another post. 



I just want to say THANK YOU - to my favorite uncle Jim, for not only encouraging me, but also equipping and inspiring me to go after my dreams and make them the reality that they have become. 

You have meant more to me over the years than I could even describe.

Brandon (Rana's future husband!!)



Glamour Shoot for the Grueser Sisters!!

Meet Ally and Cera - two beautiful girls who decided that they wanted a photo shoot...


No reason at all. Ally and Cera's mom Mandie decided that she wanted to treat her girls to a glamour shoot with full hair and makeup.

How Gorgeous are these two?????

Anyway - Check out the video above to see some of their favorite shots and if you like what you see and decided it is time to book your photoshoot - Click the little "I'm INTERESTED" link at the top of this page to get ahold of us! If you are anywhere near as sweet as these two, we would love the chance to work with you!

Rana (AKA the future Mrs. Bartee) 

PS - Check out the behind the scenes photos below!