Happy Birthday, Kimberly!!!!

Two years ago, I didn’t even know this girl.

She was one of our friends little sisters.... and that was about it.  Brandon and I started exploring the idea of hiring someone to photography our family clients, because we were just too busy with wedding and seniors.

We were browsing Facebook and up popped this picture... not from Bryan Minear.... but from his little sister. WHAT?!

It was fantastic, especially considering it was the very first shoot that Kimberly had ever done.  I told Brandon that she was the one we needed.  

After a few weeks of consideration, Brandon contacted Kimberly about coming to work for us as an intern, and if we felt like we were a good fit for each other, stay on to do our family portraiture.


she picked up everything we taught her.  I didn’t know if I was just fantastic teacher or she was brilliant... I’d love to believe that it was both, but I shouldn’t kid myself-she was brilliant. After a few short months, she became a part of our team.

I couldn’t be more thankful to have her here.  Every shoot she does, she continues to grow and learn, and is hungry to experiment with new ideas and is always striving towards bettering herself and her photography skills. She is a WAY better baby photographer than I could ever imagine being.

She's stood in for hundreds if not thousands of test shots. When we work together on projects, she's like a superhero and anticipates my every need and whim.  Everyone needs a Kimberly in their life... you should be jealous. ;-P

As much as I love having her as a colleague, I’m so much happier to call her my friend. One of my very best friends as a matter-of-fact. I’m so excited to have her in my everyday life, and thrilled that she’s going to be standing alongside of me on my wedding day.

When you meet her, you’ll see exactly what we do.  She’s a pleasure to be around, funny and quirky like all good people.  She has a love and passion for what she does, and more over for the life that she’s been given.  

I’m so happy having her here to do our family photography, she was madd skill for it. But more that, she’s been a kick-butt friend.

 Happy Birthday, Kimberly!! :)

Here's the deal: 

We couldn't think of the perfect thing to get her... so we decided to buy her clients. :)


What the heck are we talking about?!

Well.... if you schedule a family or baby session WITH KIMBERLY in the 24 HOURS
(Deadline: Tuesday, August 20th, 7pm) 

Brandon and I are going to pay for HALF of your sitting fee!!

So rather than paying $150 for your session, you only have to pay $75--Brandon and I will cover the other half.

How do I do it?! 

1. Text Kimberly at (740) 645-6510

2. Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

3. Schedule a date for your session, and pay half of your sitting fee over the phone ($75-we're paying for the other half) .

4. Make sure you do it before TOMORROW at 7 PM!! 


**** Want to do something REALLY REALLY REALLY special for Kimberly? If you're already one of her clients, share this awesome gift with anyone that you think might be interested!!*****

Help us make Kimberly's day super special!!