Jordan Huddleston Senior Pictures | Brandon Bartee Studios | Pomeroy, Ohio Senior Pictures

We always love working with our clients, but every now and then one will come along that is just so easy to shoot, so naturally glowing that takes literally no effort at all! 

Jordan is that Client. 

Even though Jordan's first shoot got rained out, (It has been one rainy summer!) we finally got to finish her photos last week and the results were amazing! Isn't she just radiant????

Anyway - Jordan has a special place in our heart because she told us that she has been looking forward to her senior pictures with us since she was a freshman and couldn't be more excited to finally do her shoot! (EGO BOOST!!!) 


Click the little arrows on the photos to see more, and be sure to let Jordan know on facebook what you think of her photos!

~Rana (aka Brandon's future wife)

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