Tribute to the man the introduced me to Photography!

I get a lot of questions about how I got into photography...  

and there are way too many reasons than I can fit into one post. 

However, I would like to share with you how it all began. Meet my favorite uncle Jim. (Story after the photo) 


You see - ever since I was a tiny little kid, I always loved playing with cameras. See the horrible evidence of me holding a camera, while apparently wearing a baby dress in this photo >>>>>>>>>>>>>



Neither of my parents or any of my friends parents where particularly interested in photography - so how did I go from being that ridiculous looking baby - to making photography my full blown career? 



You see - I probably would have given up on my dreams and gotten a real job had I not had someone to encourage my dream and teach me the ropes.

Enter my sainted uncle Jim.

Uncle Jim lives in California - but he sent me a gift of my first "Real Camera" when I was 10 or 11 years old, but he didn't stop there. Every time he came in to visit, he made a point to stop by the house and teach me a few things about photography and a few techniques.

FAST FORWARD 15 years. 

Now my little hobby has turned into not only my career, but it has grown to be much bigger than just me. As of this year there are now 5 incredible people on the BBS team (Every one of them more talented and better looking than I am!) and it absolutely thrills and humbles me to say that we are now booking three to four MONTHS in advance and are shooting around 200 clients a year! (Although this year we are only taking 120... more on that in another post. 



I just want to say THANK YOU - to my favorite uncle Jim, for not only encouraging me, but also equipping and inspiring me to go after my dreams and make them the reality that they have become. 

You have meant more to me over the years than I could even describe.

Brandon (Rana's future husband!!)