#WhiteFriday Sale is Here

#WhiteFriday is finally here!

What is it?

White Friday is the day the Rana and I leave for our wedding. 

White Friday is the last day that Brandon Bartee Studios will be in business. (With the same name :P)

White Friday is the last day we operate with our current business model. (LOT'S of changes coming)

but more importantly...

White Friday is your chance to save some money on your upcoming shoots or workshops with us.

White Friday is our last minute push for some extra honeymoon cash. (I'm not gonna lie to you! :P)


White friday is TODAY.

How is #WhiteFriday going to save me $$$?

There are 3 ways to save money on your upcoming work with us. On Photoshoots, on Workshops, and also on "Gift Certificates."

Here is a little more about each one.

The first way to save is through our 50% off photo shoot sale. Normally (and always after today), a 2 hour shoot with us costs $199. 

Today Only. The cost of your session is reduced to $99. 

To Purchase your session at 50% off: CLICK HERE

This covers the session itself, and you will come back to the studio a few days later and decide what you would like to purchase as far as prints and other products go! So... if you want to save money on prints as well... Keep Reading.

Now for my favorite part. 

The best way to take advantage of #WhiteFriday (by far) is to purchase a gift certificate at up to 50% off to use on prints, canvases, albums, or even to go towards your up coming wedding!

These are good for any photo shoot in the next 12 months - weddings, seniors, families, beauty... everything we offer.

You can get as much as a $2000 gift certificate for $1000, and as little as a $200 Gift Certificate for $100. Pretty good deal right?


If you are looking for a full service photo shoot experience where you walk away with beautiful wall canvas and possibly an album, we recommend buying either the $500 or the $750 package. If you are wanting to use this towards a wedding, we recommend buying the $1500 or the $2000 option. If you are looking to simply offset the price of an upcoming shoot or to purchase this as a gift, the $200 or $300 would be fine.

To buy your gift certificate at as much as 50% off: CLICK HERE

and Finally...

I get emails just about every day asking about when our next workshop is going to be! Up until today, my answer was "I'm not sure yet!" 

We are also taking this opportunity to announce our next workshops (May 3rd and 4th)! 

Best Part? Today only the workshops are 25% off!

To book our next workshop on May 3rd and 4th, CLICK HERE 

That's it! (But first some more info)

This deal is only available to the first 15 people, so get on it! 

Again - to get in on the action - CLICK HERE to go to our online store! 

Brandon and (The Future) Rana Bartee