BBS Photography Workshops for February


Did you get a fancy new camera for Christmas? 

Have you had one for a while but still have no clue how to use it right? 

Have you been dying to have an easy and affordable way to increase your photo skills ten fold in a single day?

I'm so glad! Because we have something just for you! (Spoken with a cheesy infomercial voice)

 On February 22nd from 10-7, we will be having another Photo Essentials Workshop!
From 10-4 we are going to be covering topics such as how to use your camera the way it was meant to be used, how to take beautiful photos of your friends and kids with just a few VERY low cost tools, how to shoot live events such as basketball games, and a ton more. 
Then, from 4-7 we are going to be taking what we learned in the class and going out on a real photo shoot where everyone will have the opportunity to try out what they just learned, as well as play with all of our cool toys :P
The cost for the class is $99 and includes 30 minutes of one on one time with us to answer any specific questions you may have.

Then, on February 23rd from 1-8, we will be having a more hands on workshop we call "The Advanced Class" that will be less about camera settings, and more about taking your photography to the next level once you have learned the basics. This is a smaller class with more one on one training so the cost is $129.
How do you sign up?

1. )CLICK HERE to go to our online store

2.) Select the "Photo Essentials Workshop!" or "The Advanced Class"

3.) Add one or both classes to your cart

4.) Once you checkout, you are done! 

Should I sign up NOW?

Yes. I mean - you can wait if you want to, but the last set of classes sold out VERY quickly. That, and the first FIVE people to sign up for either class get a 20% discount (Use the coupon code "SHOOTER" at check out!

Again - CLICK HERE to sign up for the classes! 



To ensure that we will have enough time to spend with each of you, there are only 12 seats available. You do not have to have a DSLR camera to attend this workshop, but it does help. However an iPhone will work just fine for 2/3 of what we will be teaching. The age limit for this class is 14-128. So... you have to be at least 14. Eat lunch before you come, but dinner will be provided from FOX's pizza. This class is not for professional photographers.