The Same "Bartee" Quality... Just Less.

Less Time. Less Variety. Less Cost. Same Bartee Quality.

Love the idea of working with Bartee Photography for your senior portraits, but the "Signature Session" is just out of reach? We have created our brand new "Express Session" just for you. 

With our "Express Session," you will get the same great quality that you have come to expect from Bartee Photography, just in a smaller session with a smaller price. In this single location shoot, you will get EVERYTHING included in one price. Here are the details:

The Express Session

One Location (within 15 Miles of the Studio)
Up to 45 Minutes of Shooting
2 Outfits
20 images delivered to you just 48 hours later
Basic Retouching Included
Smart Phone App to share your favorites with your friends (and on Social Media)
AND you get a disk with full printing rights

Price: $399 All Inclusive

That's it! No sales meeting, no session fees, no print packages. Just 20 fantastic images delivered to you super fast with full printing rights! Now, you will still of course have the option to order prints through us (at a discounted rate), but the point is that you have the right to make your own prints and products with this option. 

This session is designed for one of four types of client:

One: The "Im only looking for a few good shots" client.

If you are looking for "Bartee Quality," but you don't need all of the bells and whistles that you would get from our famous "Signature Session," then this is your shoot! 

Two: The Budget Friendly Client.

I get it! Senior pictures are expensive! The Express Session is your chance to work with us without breaking the bank! Not only is the over all cost of this session less, you also get to disk with full printing rights to do with as you please. 

Three: The Repeat Offender

Maybe you have already had a session done with us, but you want to hire us again JUST for basketball. Or maybe you had some photos done elsewhere and you want a few done with us as well. Either way, this is your shoot!

Four: The Seasonal Client

One of the most common questions that we get is: "What if I want to do photos in every season??" Well, this is your shoot. Rather than trying to do multiple "Signature Sessions," which can get very complicated and very expensive, we suggest that you book multiple express sessions instead

Does our Brand New "Express Session" sound like your shoot? Fill out the little form below and someone will be in contact super fast with more information. We are only taking 4 of these sessions per month, so if you are interested, now is the time! 

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