Where are You Located?

Our studio is located in Pomeroy, Ohio, but we take clients from all over the country. The majority of our portrait shoots take place locally, however if you are wondering if we we travel - the answer is a huge astounding YES!

How Much Are Your Shoots?

Asking how much photos are is kind of like calling a car dealer and asking "How much is a car?" and the answer is the same. IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! We have options in several different price points, but here is a brief overview. Wedding Packages start at $2400, and our portrait sessions can range from $300 to $2000 - just depends on what you want! What you can count on though is getting exactly what you want. Visit our "Pricing Page" for more info or simply contact us by calling 740 416 4103.

Do I have to come up with my own ideas?

While we do recommend that you come with at least a general idea of what you are looking for, you don't have to worry about having to come up with every single location, pose, and shot that we will take. One of our favorite parts of this entire process is "dreaming" with you and coming up with some amazing ideas to use at your shoot!  

How do I order my photos?

A few days after your shoot, you will come back to the studio to look over your photos and decide what you would like to purchase as far as prints and other products go. All of the ordering will take place at that meeting, and we will take care of payment that night as well! We do ask that you come ready to order everything that you want, as this will be your only chance to order prints from us. 

How much is the sitting fee?

For those of you who have not worked with a photographer before, the sitting fee is simply the cost of the shoot itself. It pays for time and travel to and from your shoot, but does not cover the cost of the prints, albums, and wall pieces that you will order after your shoot. Our sitting fees on our portrait shoots range from $99 for our Mini Session, $235 for our Signature Sessions, and $349 for our all day BeSpoke Sessions. Now are you ready for some good news? Sitting fees are ONLY FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS - meaning that once you book us for a shoot - you will never again have to pay another sitting fee for any shoots that you book in the future. Our goal is for you to be so satisfied after working with us, that we become your photographers for life, and this is our way of saying thank you. :)

Do I get a Disc with all of my images?!

Yes AND No. :)  You will receive a disc with all of the images that you ORDER in an 8x10" or larger, with the exception of our Mini-Session. When you order an image, we feel as though you have purchased that image and have rights to it.  We DO request that you don't edit the images that you receive, a lot of hard work, creativity, and knowledge went into creating your images,  and we would deeply appreciate it if you would help us honor the integrity of our work. :)

What do I wear?

Biggest question ever.  There are a lot of different factors in this area, and might require it's own dedicated page on our site, but for the time being, if you're not sure just call us and ask.  :)  But here are a few things to avoid:  shinny make-up, florescent colors, and baggy clothes.  If you feel like you need help in the hair & make-up department, we have people for that, just give us a call and we'll get you set up. :)

Where will we do my shoot?

If you have specific location(s) that you want to do your shoot, please share them with us! We love shooting in new locations and would love to visit your family farm, or a unique place that you've scouted out.  However, there are a vast majority of you that have no idea where you would like to do your shoot.  If that's the case, just let us know! We have several locations that we love to use and would be happy to tell you about them. 

Do you supply props?

No.  Look around our website... you don't see any foam numbers, tie-dye backdrops or plastic unicorns.  We're not anti-prop, but we are anti-cheese.  That being said... if you want a basketball in your photo, bring a basketball.  If you want a guitar in your picture, bring a guitar. If you want a cheesy foam "2015"  prop in your portrait, I guess we'll do it, but you have to bring it yourself. ;-P