SuperMini Session Deposit


SuperMini Session Deposit


***NOTE: This is only the DEPOSIT. Another $200 will be due at the shoot itself***

This weekend, Rana and I are going to have the opportunity to rent a very special camera that we are considering purchasing. Now this is an incredibly expensive camera, so we want to REALLY put it through it's paces before making up our mind.

So we have decided to do a quick set of "SUPERMini Sessions" on Friday March 10th, and Saturday March 11th. Mini because these are 30 minutes long - SUPER because we are using a giga camera that is typically only used by celebrity portrait photographers. 

The Details:
30 Minute Shoots
1-2 Outfit
Choose 1 of 3 locations around our studio (See Below)
You get 10-20 digital images with FULL printing rights.
Can be Seniors, Couples, Families, Young Athletes, or even a Modeling Shoot.
Total Cost: $249

The Locations: We have designated 3 different locations around our studio for you to choose from.

A.) The Studio: Get a mini fashion inspired portrait session that looks like it is straight off the pages of Vanity Fair or GQ Magazine. (Individuals Only)

B.) The River Front: Take some beautiful, scenic and epic portraits along the beautiful Pomeroy riverbank.

C.) The Grunge: - Aside from the river, our favorite things to shoot in Pomeroy are the grungy alleys and cool brick textures that surround us here. Choose this option if you want an edgy downtown look. 

How to Book:
1.) Choose the time that you would like to book your shoot below.
2.) Click "Purchase"
3.) Once you checkout, a little form will pop up - fill that out.
4.) Show up at 212 East Main Street in Pomeroy at the scheduled time!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly at 855 922 7833, or email us at


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