Thank you for stopping by our EHS customer service page!

Welcome to our customer service page for the Eastern Local Schools picture day photos! We have had an absolute blast working with your kids! Now, this is our FIRST ever year doing this... so I am sure that there have been a couple of details that have gone overlooked. 

We created this page specifically to help you get in touch with us should those issues arise! 

So - here is what you do. Below is a quick customer service form to fill out. Please fill it out as completely as possible and one of us will be in touch within 2 business days! 

Rest assured, if you are missing something... WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. 

If you scroll through this page, you will find 3 forms. 

1.) The Retake Request Form
2.) The Digital Image Request Form 
3.) The Everything else form

Please fill out the form that you need with as much detail as possible!  

Retake Request Form

If for some reason you feel that you need a retake, please use this form to request one. We will email you with the date that we will be taking them! 

Students Name *
Students Name
Phone Number *
Phone Number

Digital Image Request Form

Hey! If you got package A or B, then you get a free digital image in your package! You have your choice of having either the image emailed to you instantly, or waiting for a physical CD to be mailed to you. 

Either way, you get your image. Either way, you can use it however you would like. 

Make your choice now!

Students Name *
Students Name
Phone *
Found on the Reorder Page in your picture envelope!

Customer Service Form (For Everything Else)

Name *
(AKA their lunch number, this helps us look them up in our system)
Phone *