Want to know about how much you should expect to invest in your portraits? I'm so glad that you asked! 

You see, most people assume that we are A LOT more expensive than we actually are. In fact, last year we caught a rumor that our Senior Packages STARTED at $4000. 

Now, as much as I wish our packages started $4000, the fact is that for our Standard Portrait Clients, our packages start at around $400. 

For detailed pricing information the best thing to do is to set up an in person consultation with us where we can take you through everything. (You can do that by CLICKING HERE) Right now though, I would be more than happy to give you a brief overview of how our pricing works. 

First off, for our portrait clients,our pricing is divided into two parts: The Portrait Session and The Print Package.  (Scroll down if you are looking for info on wedding prices)

Session Pricing:

For our Portrait Sessions (Family, Couples, or Seniors) you have your choice between 4 Session Types. 

The Mini - The Session Fee is $79 and this is a 20-30 minute shoot that takes place at the studio or in Pomeroy. Print Packages for this session type start out as low as $99 and go up to about $400. If you are only looking for a few really solid photos, and don't want to spend a bunch of $$$, this is your session. That being said, "The Mini" only makes up about 10% of the sessions that we do. 

The Standard - The Session Fee for our Standard session is $179. This includes a 60-90 minute photo session that can take place in up to 2 different locations. In Studio and Out in the woods, for example. You can also bring up to 3 outfits to get some variety. Print packages for "The Standard" start out around $300, however we recommend that you prepare to spend between $500 and $750 on this session type... not because you have to, but because you are gonna want to! This is a popular option with guys who don't necessarily LOVE the idea of getting their portrait made, as this is a perfect balance between having enough photos, and not standing in front of the camera all day! 

The Signature - This is BY FAR our most popular option. The Session Fee is $245, and it includes a 2.5-3 Hour Shoot in up to three different locations, and with UNLIMITED outfits. For example we could start your shoot in uptown Athens to get some lifestyle shots, then head to the high school to get some epic-ly larger than life photos, and then finally finish up by doing some fashion shots in studio with your homecoming or prom dress. This session is designed to find your true "Signature" on life, and that is exactly what we do. In addition to having roughly 75 photos to choose from, you will also have ONE shot that we pay some extra attention to that REALLY personifies who you are. This shoot is a ton of fun, but it isn't recommended for the light of heart when it comes to getting your photos taken. Print Packages for "The Signature" start out around $600, but we recommend that your prepare to spend around $1000. Again, not because you have to, but because you know you will probably want to. (Scroll Down to See what comes in a $1000 print package, it's more than you think!)

The BeSpoke - This is a long, complicated, amazing, exciting experience as this is an ALL DAY photo shoot that can take place ANYWHERE in the Tri State area. It even includes free hair and make up! What's the downside? Well, it is extremely limited and pretty expensive. We generally only take 4 of these shoots per year and we limit it to only the clients that TRULY want something out of this world unique. We never repeat a bespoke shoot, so you will know that NO ONE will ever have images like yours. The Sitting Fee for this shoot is $499, and the Print Packages for "The BeSpoke" start out around $1300. However we recommend that when preparing for your BeSpoke shoot, that you budget for around $2000. One last time - not because you have to, but because you want to. This shoot requires a LOT of brain storming and planning, so if you are interested in this, go ahead and get ahold of us now so we can start mood boarding and concept creating. This is truly a one of a kind unforgettable experience that you will cherish for a life time. 

Next - You have the Print Package.

The print package is the actual prints, canvas, albums, and digital files that you purchase from us after your shoot. The way that works is about 2 weeks after your shoot you will come in to the studio where we will do a "Big Reveal" of your photos. (We do it all fancy like) This meeting takes about 2 hours, and that is when we take care of ALL OF THE PICKING as well as ALL OF THE PAYING for your order. Unfortunately since we have such a high volume of clients, we do not keep your un ordered photos on file, so any photos that you want to order must be done that night. So prepare accordingly. :)

Sound Difficult? 

It really isn't. We will help you every step of the way while you sit back on our big comfy couch sipping a glass of wine. I promise you can do it! 

Again, for detailed pricing information, please set up an in person consultation by clicking the little "Get in Touch" Link in our menu.

But for now, I want to give you an example of what $1000 will get you at our studio. You see, we are FULLY aware that $1000 is a substantial amount of money, and that is why we give you a substantial amount of things for it :)

Our most popular Signature Package costs just over $1000, but it includes a 20x30 Canvas, a 12x12 Canvas, a 12x12 Hardback Album with your favorite 50 photos in it, 10 Gift Prints (8x10s, 5x7s, etc), 72 Wallets, and a Copyright Free Disk of your favorite 30 Images, and a few more surprises that we will tell you about when you call!

See what I mean? 

At the end of the day we have several different package options, and I am sure that we have an option that fits both your needs as well as your budget. 

Good photography is an Investment. One that will be paying "emotional dividends" for years to come. When you hire us, you can rest assured that not only will you be getting some fantastic memories, but you will be taken care of every step of the way. 

So what about Weddings?

Like I stated above, for detailed package information set up a phone call or an in person consultation by CLICKING HERE. For now though that our Wedding Packages start just under $3000 and ALL wedding packages included 2 photographers, and Engagement Session, and the Disk of All photos taken. :)

Call me at 740 416 4103 or fill out the form on THIS PAGE to get in touch!