Super Special Senior(ish) Workshop September 27th

Hey Guys! You are here because you are interested in signing up for our Senior Workshop on September 26th and 27th! Here is how it works, if you are already proficient in shooting in Manual mode on your camera - then you do not need to attend the Saturday class and you will only come on Sunday! If you have no clue what manual mode even means, then you need to come to both days! The cost for Just Saturday is $150, and the cost for Just Sunday is $225... but you can come both days for only $300 and save $75!

Wait... this class is $300????

Yep. This isn't just a "come sit down and take notes" class where you will leave with a slightly better understanding of your camera. This is a 100% hands on 2 day WORKSHOP where you are guaranteed to know your camera inside and out. If you don't by the end, then you get your money back! It's that simple. I promise that this 2 day class will be worth more than any piece of gear you can buy.

Aren't I being a little cocky?

Well. Maybe. But as the 300 people that have already taken one of our workshops can tell you... There is a reason that I believe in what we do here.

How do I sign up? 

That's simple.

1.) Fill Out the Little Form Below to Let us know that you are coming.

2.) Mail a check for the FULL AMOUNT of the workshop to 212 East Main Street, Pomeroy Ohio 45769. (Post Date the Check to September 25th, we will not deposit them until the class. This serves as your deposit)

3.) Contact me at 740 416 4103 with any questions. 

Once we have 15 people signed up, then we are shutting it down! Class is 8-6 on Saturday and 10-7 on Sunday. Location will be announced once we are sure how many are coming. 

That's it! Here is the form! See you in a few weeks!

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Saturday? Sunday? or the Whole thing?
Are you excited?