The Senior Portrait Experience that you have always dreamed of... right here in the Mid Ohio Valley.

After 8 years and over 1000 happy clients, the idea behind our signature session has never changed... to create the ultimate senior photography experience for a client that is looking for something a little bit (or a lot) different from the every day. Rich in both originality and personality, our signature session may take you first to the studio for a fashion inspired inspired shoot, then to the basketball court to showcase your amazing athletic ability, then maybe even to the back alleys of Marietta or Athens for a night shoot. (and those are just the common ones!) There is a reason that over 90% of our clients choose this session.

This experience all starts with a custom consultation (either on the phone, or here at the studio), where we will sit down with you and find out just what it is that makes you stand out. Whether you are full of your own creative ideas, or you just want to hear some of ours, this consultation is when create the game plan that will make your session unbelievable. This is when we will determine times and locations, arrange hair and make up, and put together a virtual "mood board" for your session.

What does the session itself consist of?

You will learn more when we meet for your consultation, but our signature session consists of a 2-3 hour shoot... in up to 3 separate locations... with unlimited outfits! At the end of it all you will have between 60 and 100 incredible images to choose from. Sound super vague? That is because every single session is so different from the last one, that rather than telling you what a "typical" signature session looks like, let me just tell you about some of our favorite sessions from last year.

Jett Facemyer
Eastern High School Class of 2017

We've had the opportunity to work with Jett's family a couple of times, and we get to work with him as his school photographers too! We seriously had such a fun time with Jett! We started at our studio and did a few sets indoor ( Jett's studio session is one of our favorites). Afterwards we ventured out into town to get a few photos of Jett with the Mighty Ohio as the backdrop. Jett has tons of interests and tons of personality and we wanted to be sure to capture ALL of it.

“I’m Pretty Sure the Bartees invented photography.”
— Jett Facemyer

Allison McGhee
Gallia Academy Class of 2017

Allison saw some work that we did with a friend of hers last year and got in touch with us.  We were so excited to work with some of the ideas that she brought to the table. She wanted to be sure that we included some vintage fashion elements and methods.  We started in the studio with a stunning fur coat and ended the session at night with a Film Noir inspired set in her prom dress.

Grant Safford
Point Pleasant High School Class of 2017

We first met Grant while doing wrestling photos! We were so thrilled when they got in touch with us to do senior photos. Football and weightlifting are two of Grant's favorite pass-times. We met up at his high school to do a few photo on the football field and around campus.

They are great, super creative and professional . I highly recommend getting your pictures done with them!
— Grant Safford

Jade Dudding
Meigs High School Class of 2017

Working with Jade was effortless! When we were working on a concept for her shoot, she mentioned wanting to use a handkerchief that belonged to someone very dear to her. I still get emotional looking at the photos featuring this priceless gift.

Billy Cooper
Jackson High School Class of 2017

When Billy got in touch with us his only request was that his photos look nothing like anyone else from his school.  With that in mind we shot right here in Pomeroy! We found all kind of colors, textures, nooks and crannies to shoot in. After a quick studio session we did a few shots on the immaculate football field.

And then... the big reveal. 

While, as you can see, the shoot is going to be a ton of fun, the best part comes about a week later at your viewing appointment, aka "The Big Reveal." Rather than just sending you an online gallery, we are going to have you back to the studio where we will sit down on our deep leather sofa, turn down the lights, and show you your incredible portraits on our 100 inch projector screen! Some people call this a very emotional experience, others just call it fun, but just about everyone agrees that this is there favorite part of the entire experience! It is during this meeting that you will both choose your favorite photos, and build your print collection. Collections for or signature packages start around $600 and can go up as high as $2000, with most people ending up somewhere in the middle.

Finally at the end of it all, you will have not only the rich memories that we created during our time together, but you will also have the senior portraits that you always dreamed of, existing not only in a Facebook album, but in beautiful prints, canvases, and albums that you will be proudly displayed in your home. The investment that you make into this once in a lifetime experience will reap daily rewards forever. 

Want to find out more about booking your "Signature Session" with Bartee Photography? Fill out the little form below and one of us will be in contact very shortly. As many of you know we sold out of our Signature Sessions very early last year, and we are taking even fewer of them this year (around 50), so if you are interested in working with The Bartee's don't delay! (Form is at the bottom)


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