WHEN: November 21st and 22nd from 9 Am to 6 PM

Where: Pomeroy, Ohio (Exactly Location TBD Next Week)

How Much: $235 For the ENtire Weekend if you book by October 15th ($250 if booked after October 15th)

Why: Because Your Camera Was Meant for So Much More... Read On for Details.




But First, this is going to be quite the long page, if you already know about our class, and don't need to read all of the details, click the little link below right now to secure your spot. All we need is your name, email, and a credit/debit card number that WILL NOT BE CHARGED until the class! Why do we require a card on file? Because if you say you are coming and then don't, you are making someone else miss out because we can only take so many people! This is our way of taking a "Deposit" without actually charging you anything up front. 


Step One: Take a look at these photos. We are VERY proud of them, not because we took them, but because our former students took these just this week! So - Look these over, and ask yourself "Do I want to learn to take photos like these?" If the answer is yes, Continue to Step Two!

Step Two: Read about what will you will be learning each day...


Day One:

On Saturday the 21st of November at 9 am, you will arrive at the workshop location (to be decided soon) and we will spend a little bit of time getting to know each other, and more importantly - you will be divided into groups according to skill level and camera brand. Why? 

Let's say you are a complete beginner and are worried about keeping up with the rest of the class... You will be grouped with other beginners so you will be right at home!

Or - maybe you have been shooting a few years, and you don't want to waste your time learning the basics all over again... Well - we've got you covered there too! You will be added to the advanced group to make sure you are learning at a level that you NEED to be at! 

After that, the rest of the day is about one thing... CAMERA SETTINGS.

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, ASA, White Balance, Drive Mode, Focus Mode, Bracketing, Auto Lighting Optimizer, Exposure Compensation, File Type, File Size, Auto Focus... and the list goes on! 

Whether you have never shot a single photo outside of auto mode, or you have played a bit with manual before, you can never have TOO good of a handle on your camera settings! 

Here is my promise to you... 

By the end of the day Saturday, you will never have to take another photo in Auto again! 

But wait a second... why do you need to shoot in manual mode? 

Any guesses?

It is because your camera is a computer... a calculator. 

It does not have a brain. It does not have a soul. It is not creative.

Your camera takes light and records it into a photo... but that's it! 

The difference between someone who takes photos and an actual photographer is the ability to precisely control the way your photos look, to turn an idea in your head into an actual photograph... 

and the way that you do that is by shooting in Manual! 

By shooting in Manual Mode, you have complete creative and technical control over every single aspect of your image...

...and you will finally get to stop SNAPPING PICS and start MAKING PHOTOS.


Day Two:

On Sunday, November 22nd at 10 am, we will start the day by reviewing your camera settings.


Two reasons. First of which is that by revisiting what we learned saturday it will solidify the knowledge in your mind before we move on. The other reason? We fully realize and respect that sunday is a church day for many, and by starting the day sunday with a review, it allows those who can't miss church to not miss any new information.

Then - from noon to seven, we will dive DEEP into all of the creative aspects of taking beautiful photographs. 

Lighting, Composition, Framing, Location Scouting, "Order of Operations," Where to find your inspiration, Front Light, Back Light, Side Light, Angles, Our favorite way to EDIT our photos in a fast and easy way, our favorite type of FLASH, Gear (What you need, and what you don't)


and most importantly... How to develop your own unique style so that your photos don't look like every other person that bought a camera at walmart :P

Day two is 100% HANDS ON, where we will talk about a subject for a few moments, and then we will actually go out in our groups and DO IT. 

This is the biggest reason why our classes actually work. 

To this day we have not had a single person say that they didn't learn a significant amount (and we have had close to 500 students!)

Because EVERYTHING that we do is hands on. Everything. 

This will not be a simple sit in your seat and listen to a monotone teacher while you try to keep up and take notes.

It is fun, it is beneficial, and it is education that you will actually take with you for the rest of your life! 

Oh - and did I mention that it is a ton of fun? (We have a group of 30 or so former students that are always pressuring us to offer new and higher level classes. They think it is because they want to keep learning... but I think it is because they just love us so much that they need to keep coming back... Right? Kim, Amber, Gina, Wendy, Steve, Courtney, Briah, Jimi, Donna, Natalie, Grace, Kali..... ?)


Step Three: If this sounds like a ton of fun, and you are ready to sign up... Awesome! Click the link below! Remember that we do need to put a debit/credit card on file to hold your place... but it will NOT BE CHARGED until the day before the class. (That is a promise. I couldn't even charge it early if I wanted to!) 

If you still aren't quite sure, or you would prefer to sign up over the phone.... OR you just have a few more questions before you take the plunge, continue to step four. (Actually read step four anyway, because it has my direct contact info on it, and I want you to save it on your phone and USE IT if you EVER need anything at all.)


Step Four: Still Not Sure? Stop what you are doing, and CALL ME DIRECTLY at 740 416 4013 and I will answer ANY QUESTIONS that you have. No matter how stupid you think it might be. You can also sign up over the phone as well. 

By the way - you can text me on that number too! 


Oh wait - I forgot to tell you what happens AFTER the class! 

After the class, you will be added to a Facebook group with other aspiring photographers just like yourself. Here you can post your most recent work and get feedback from the other students (and from us as well). 

This Facebook group has actually become quite the vibrant community, and is probably the part of these classes that I am most proud of... So you should definitely be excited, AND get involved.