Do you know how many photographers there are out there???

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Well... Go outside. Throw a rock.

You'll probably hit one.

So what makes us so different? What makes us so much more worth your time and money?


Truth is - We might not be.

(Wait... What?)

Yep. You heard me right - Now let me explain.

A lot of people tell us that we are the best photographers in the area, we've even won a few awards, and been published in national magazines...

But if you think about it... You aren't really looking for who everyone says is the best photographer...

You are looking for the best photographer FOR YOU. The one that fits your style. The one that you connect with.

So now I invite you to take a look around our website - look at our portfolio.

I promise that you won't find anything else just like it. 

Our photos are unique, and our style is bold beyond belief. Pushing the limits and redefining portraiture is what we are all about...

And as with all things new and bold -

We are for sure not for everyone... Our crazy style is FOR SURE not for everyone...

... But we are ok with that.

We have no desire to photograph everyone. We have a bold and unique style, and at risk of sounding snobby, we only want to work with the people that are as bold and unique as we are.

That is why we only take 120 clients each year.

To sum it up...

We don't claim to be the best photographers for everyone, but I can say that 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the best photographers for those people that are looking for what we have to offer.

To make it more simple - We are the best photographers, but only for the RIGHT people.

So here is what I want you to do....

  1. Look around our website
  2. Ask yourself if you are REALLY in love with our style.
  3. If you are -  CLICK HERE and fill out our contact form

So what if I'm not absolutely in love with the BBS Style?

That's ok. 

It's so ok in fact that I am going to do something that no photographer in the world has ever done. I am going to give you a list of all of my competition's websites. (I told you we were different)

Go check them out - and if you feel like their style will fit you better - then book them. 

But - if after looking  you find that you still love our style more - come back and CLICK HERE to fill our our contact form. Let's create something together unlike anything you have ever seen.

-Brandon Bartee