Bartee Training Day - June 25th

Hey Guys! 

Thank you so much for volunteering your kiddos to help us learn and grow! (And ultimately provide you with better service in the future!)

The Details: 
When: Sunday, June 25th from 1:00 PM to 5:00ish PM
Where: Chester Community Center (Old Chester Grade School)
Cost: Free
Does it pay? Nope, but you are welcome to any of the photos that we take
Ages: Anyone school aged

We would love to get 30 or so kids. Once we have that number we will post that we are full.

Here is the sign up form!

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These Women Changed My Life

I think that women and general are hard on each other.

One woman may judge another for wearing too little make-up, and another will judge a woman for wearing too much. Another woman will judge a mom for having too many nights out, and another will speculate that a mother is too uptight to go out for an evening. Another woman will judge her peer for being too loud, too much, too vibrant, leaving another woman judged for being too quiet, too guarded and too reserved. 

I met a group of women who have decided not to participate in that kind of behavior. That cheer each other on instead of tearing each other down. Woman that rally around each other, stand behind each other and strengthen each other.  These women are not alone because they stand together. 

Each of them brave and resilient in their own right, but are fearless and undefeatable together. They are radiant and powerful. Beautiful and mighty. Loving and strong. These women are my tribe. I found them by accident, but I will celebrate them with purpose.

These are my sisters. My CrossFit family.

Even today, in the face of hardship and uncertainty they rally together. 

When I joined FISH CrossFit in September, I wasn't sure what the FISH really meant.  It's a simple acronym: Fortitude, Intensity, Stamina & Heart.

I understood quickly the Fortitude, Intensity and Stamina portion; it seemed like it was kind of given in the fitness world. But what I was (and am) most impacted by more than anything else was HEART. Today, they came together in such a way that was powerful. They joined together to love one of our own and supported her family, friends and each other. 

So, I want to a moment to share a few of my sisters with you. I want you to know their strength and their beauty. These are remarkable women, who deserve to be lifted up. 


And to my sisters, thank you. You have impacted me in ways greater than I could ever articulate. You challenge me daily. Your cheers, your laughter,  and your support brings more to my life that I could have ever anticipated. 

Bartee Teacher Appreciation Day 2016 Registration


If you are on this page, you are either a TEACHER, ADMINISTRATOR, or STAFF MEMBER from one of the local schools that we work with including EASTERN AND SOUTHERN.

I'm going to make this short. 

You guys do A LOT for our communities. Way more than you ever get credit for, and we want to take a day this summer to give back and offer each of you a FREE FAMILY PORTRAIT on July 10th with absolutely no strings attached! 

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose One of the Following Options

Option A: Completely Free Mini Session
We are proud to offer ALL of you a completely free mini session of you and your family with no strings attached. Photos will be posted in an online gallery for download, and we will even throw in a couple of FREE prints! That's it! All you have to do is fill out the form below, and then come to the studio at your designated time!

Option B: $250 Off of A Standard Session
If you are looking for a full feature family session, we would like to offer you a free sitting fee on one of our Standard Family Sessions this summer! The sitting fee is typically $250, but you guys pay NOTHING for the session and then just have to pay for prints (Packages start around $300). 

Step 2: Fill Out the Form Below

Step 3: Wait for Grace to Call you to set up a time to come in!

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White Friday 2016

If you are here, it is because you heard about our super exciting, super limited flash sale that we are having that includes up to:

50% off of Shoots
40% off of Print Packages
and 25% off of future workshops!

The best part is that once you buy these vouchers, you don't have to schedule your shoot or workshop for TWO YEARS! So even if you don't have a reason RIGHT NOW, you can still get in on the action and save some serious cash. 


You are a terribly mean human being... (probably)

(ATTENTION: There are THREE bad words in this post. If that is going to offend you, then please hit the back button now)

Rana and I have the GREATEST job in the world.

We really do, but there is one thing that just keeps happening that we do not like. In fact, if we had to pick one thing that legitimately BOTHERS us about what we do it is this. 

Whenever we have someone in front of our camera... they are more often than not putting themselves down!

I hate my smile. I have a fat face. I don't like to smile for photos because I have bad teeth. My fingers look fat. I have a lego nose (yes, a real human being said this). My head looks like a bowling pin! (Yes, a real person said this). My ankles are ugly.

Or my personal favorites...

You are gonna have to touch me up a lot! Can you photoshop me to look like I'm 20? Can you photoshop my nose to make it smaller? Can you photoshop me to make me skinny? Can you get rid of all of my wrinkles?

In other words... 

Can you make me look PERFECT so that no one can see all of these hideous flaws? If you print the photo looking like this then people just won’t be able to see past the ugly.... so Ima need a little help!
— Most Human Beings

Think about it! How many of these things to do you say about yourself on a daily basis? 

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...

The only person that can see all of those horrendously ugly things that you can't get over... Is you. 

Listen. I get it. We all have things that we would change about ourselves right? Look at the above photo (It should be changing automatically, but if it isn't then click the photo)

I have PLENTY that I would change about my face... but you know what? 

I actually wouldn't. Because this is me. The real me. I wouldn't change who I am for anything because I am damn proud of what I have become. 

You should proud of yourself too. 

It is time to stop being an asshole.

For real. If you were to walk into my house and talk to Rana the same way that I sometimes talk to myself... I would probably (try to) kick your ass!

Why? Because I love Rana, and I wouldn't change a thing about her...

...and here is the thing. The people that love you feel the same way about you.

So here is what we are going to do...

STEP 1: You are going to stop putting yourself down. I mean it. Just Stop.

STEP 2: Any time that you see one of your friends putting themselves down online, I want you to comment with #BeNiceToMyFriend

STEP 3: Share this post on facebook so that all of your beautiful friends can read it and do the same. 


Seriously guys. Thank you for listening to me rant. This is where i usually have something to sell you... but not today.

In fact, if you would like to book us for your photo session... do it tomorrow and share this post today. :P

Brandon Bartee

Snow Shoots with The Bartees!

Want to take advantage of this supposed blizzard???

So I don't know if you heard, but according to the Bread Isle at walmart... we are supposed to get SLAMMED this weekend with snow. 

Might happen. Might Not. 

But I do think that we should have a big community French Toast breakfast with all this milk, eggs, and bread. 

Anyway - back to the point. 

Once a year, when it snows enough to be pretty, we take a few mini shoots in the snow. It is a fun, unique, and REALLY cold way to create some amazing portraits! 

So this weekend we will be taking up to 5 snow shoots, which will carry a $59 sitting fee, but only IF it snows. 

So how are we supposed to book shoots that we don't even know are happening or not? 

That's easy. We have what we call a "Snow List," which is a group of people who we call through when it snows, and the first person that picks up and is able to do it gets the shoot. 

Print packages are the same as our standard mini sessions ($149-$449 with disk only options in the middle) 

How do you get on the snow list? Easy - fill out this little form and wait for our phone call! 

First Come first serve - are ya feeling lucky? :P

Name *

Help us Out! Write your Review of The Bartees

Hey Guys! I need your help! 

We have decided to try and get the rest of the schools in Meigs County next year, and we need YOUR HELP to do it! Could I possibly convince you to fill out the quick little form about your experience with us thus far? 

What's in it for you? Well, if you do this for us, we will send you the digital file of your childs photo, regardless of what package you got. (It will be sent via email). 

Wait... Isn't that buying positive reviews? 


Because we want your HONEST review regardless of whether or not it is positive! (Especially if you told us about it and gave us a chance to fix it!) 

Oh - and one more thing. Everyone that fills this out for us COMPLETELY, will be entered into a drawing for a family photo package with us valued over $500! Thanks! 


Name *

TBT - The Client that Said We Weren't Good Enough...

Ok. So let's call it like it is... that headline was click bait... (Sorry) ...but I really wanted you to read this story...

Let's rewind to the beginning. 

About a year ago, we got a phone call from a prospective senior client that was interested in setting up a senior session with us. 

*Ring Ring Ring*

Me: Hello? 

Client: Hi! I am looking for something different for my daughters senior portrait session...

Me: Awesome! That is what we do! We take don't take our inspiration from other senior photographers, rather, we tend to look at magazines, movies, music vi,,,

Client: Let me stop you real quick. We are looking for something different from even what you do. To be honest we almost didn't call you because your photos looked a little bit too "Senior Picture-y" No offense, but do you have any tricks that AREN'T on your website???

Me: Uhhhhhh....

Let me pause for a second and tell you what I was feeling at the moment. Rana and I have ALWAYS prided ourselves on being COMPLETELY different from our competition. So different in fact that some people do not even like our style. (Nothing of true value has ever been universally accepted) We literally eat, sleep, and breath "DIFFERENT."

I mean. Have you met us? We are kind of weirdos. 

That said. Even though we were initially offended by this clients comments... we quickly turned our perspective to see what was truly going on... we had a HUGE opportunity on our hands. 

You see, even though we thought of ourselves as "the weird ones," we were still kind of playing it safe to make sure that we appealed to enough people to keep the bills paid. 

This client was a shining example of just what we had unknowingly been waiting for all along. 

She was giving us "permission" to be as unique as we wanted to be, and if there was one... there had to be more! 

So... to this beautiful client of ours... 

I want to say thank you. You truly changed our lives and the way we do business. We have looked at every single shoot since yours differently, and I believe that it has paid dividends. 


What's the moral of this story? 

Life is to short to play it safe. Some of the most amazing things you will ever create come when you completely abandon everything that you THINK you are, and focus only on the new. The Exciting. The TRULY... different. 

Take a look at a few shots from that life changing shoot last year, and if YOU want to challenge us to create something new with you... All I have to say is we are down! 

Click the little "Get in Touch" link in our menu to find out more about booking a shoot with The Bartees!

Closer Look: Sydney Rose Senior Session by The Bartees

Want a closer look at our shoot with Sydney Rose? 

Check these out! 

Sydney wanted to take a few photos in her backyard, and then go to a park to do the majority of the shoot. We were thinking... ok, we will shoot a few in your yard (Very Quickly)

We spent almost 90% of the shoot in that tiny yard! It was beautiful! 

Love Her photos? Want to book your session with us? 

Click the little "Get In Touch" link at the top of this page! 

Talk to you soon! 

The Bartees

Closer Look: Held Garst Wedding by The Bartees

We shot a very small very short wedding back in July, and it has always bugged me that we only got to post a few of these on Instagram.  So, we have decided to give you a closer look at our favorite 30 images from this amazing wedding. 

I say amazing not about the photos, although they are pretty cool. Amazing is referring to this bride and groom. 

I won't reveal any personal details, of course, but suffice it to say that Mary Beth and Nick are two of the nicest, most genuine couples that we have ever met. Oh, and her location (Their new back yard) looked like it was straight out of a movie. 

Check these out and let us know what you think in the comments. 

And... If you are getting married in the somewhat near future, click the little "Get In Touch" tab at the top of this screen. We would love to talk to you about what we can create together for your wedding day! 

~Brandon and Rana
740 416 4103


Closer Look: Sarah Rowan Art Session from the Bartees

So if you have been paying attention to social media the last few days, you have probably seen a few of these photos floating around from our Recent #ArtSession. What's and Art Session? Ever wonder what to do if you want some artistic photos if you aren't a senior or getting married? 

Enter the #ArtSession. 

Even though this is a 3 hour shoot, the sitting fee is still just $225. Rana REALLY loves doing these, so even though they take a tremendous amount of effort... they cost the same as our signature session. 

What's the catch?

The only catch is that we only have time to do FIVE of these a year, and we've already done 3. 

Let us know what you think of Sarah's #ArtSession and if you want to do this for yourself, click the little "Get In Touch" button at the top of this page! 


To: Ladies Only From: Rana


You’ve been thinking about it for awhile now… but you still can’t seem to work up the courage to call me yet… or better yet, you’re SOOOOO nervous that Brandon will answer and you’ll have to divulge your surprise to him.  You don’t have time, or you’ve been trying to lose that eight or twenty-eight pounds before you take the plunge.


It’s finally time to do that Boudoir Session, the one that seems crazy sexy and anxiety ridden  all at the same moment. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner… it is perfect.


Maybe you’re still a little nervous that you may come across as vain, or some other absurd idea about yourself.  You’re not, you’re a woman.  You’re stunning, sexy, smart, funny, radiant, youthful, elegant and possibly a little bit dirty. ;-P


Sometimes we get so busy being whatever we are, a mom, a business owner, a maid, a cook, or anything else that’s on the long list of what it is to be a woman.  We’re so overwhelmed with getting to school activities, doing endless piles of laundry, dusting… and dusting… and dusting…. we forget that we are beautiful.  There’s something lovely in each one of us.


My VERY favorite thing about these Boudoir Sessions are making women of all ages and sizes feel lovely, radiant, beautiful, and most of all… sexy! ;)


Are you ready to take the dive? Are you ready to trust me? Will you allow me help you see more than you can see in the mirror right now? Because I need your help too. :)


So here’s the idea:  For a typical Boudoir Session, the session fee would have traditionally been $250.  This paid for the hotel room or rentals needed to create a suitable set, and for full hair and make-up.  If you do the math there you can see that there simply isn’t a way to offer those services for less than that session fee.


In an event style set up- I can divide up the cost of rentals and sets costs to get the session fee down to $99!!!! This STILL includes full hair and make-up! And you have extra money to spend on your album and other products after your session!


You have two things going for you when you participate in this kind of event, rather than booking a personal session:

  1. You’re going to save money on your session fee, versus a private session

  2. Quick delivery (guaranteed by Valentine’s Day)


The dates are January 17th-18th.  When you schedule your session, we’ll pick out a time for you to come to the studio to get your hair and makeup done.  Upon arrival, I may be shooting, if so my assistant will help you get settled into the studio.  My so very fabulous friend and colleague Hannah West will be doing your hair and make-up.  If you have ideas or pictures bring them, the more information that you can give her the better she can help you achieve the look you want.  After you’re all ready, we’ll start your shoot.  We’ll start off slow for a few reasons.  First of all I need to find your best angles. ;)  Secondly, it is a little nerve-wrecking for most people do something like this!  


After your shoot, we’ll schedule a time for you to come in the next evening, to review your photos and pick out which package you want to purchase.  The process may seem kind of quick, but we want to insure that you have your products in your hands before Valentine’s Day! :)


Are you interested in chatting more about being a part of my pilot Boudoir Event?  Or seeing some sample images?


I’ll only taking FOUR more clients for the first event, so please get in touch with me soon if you want to talk more about it.  The best way to reach me is my personal cell phone between 10 AM and 7 PM.  My phone number is 740-416-1185.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, this will help guide me as I continue to build and finalize this event! ;)


Talk to you soon!!


Rana Bartee