These Women Changed My Life

I think that women and general are hard on each other.

One woman may judge another for wearing too little make-up, and another will judge a woman for wearing too much. Another woman will judge a mom for having too many nights out, and another will speculate that a mother is too uptight to go out for an evening. Another woman will judge her peer for being too loud, too much, too vibrant, leaving another woman judged for being too quiet, too guarded and too reserved. 

I met a group of women who have decided not to participate in that kind of behavior. That cheer each other on instead of tearing each other down. Woman that rally around each other, stand behind each other and strengthen each other.  These women are not alone because they stand together. 

Each of them brave and resilient in their own right, but are fearless and undefeatable together. They are radiant and powerful. Beautiful and mighty. Loving and strong. These women are my tribe. I found them by accident, but I will celebrate them with purpose.

These are my sisters. My CrossFit family.

Even today, in the face of hardship and uncertainty they rally together. 

When I joined FISH CrossFit in September, I wasn't sure what the FISH really meant.  It's a simple acronym: Fortitude, Intensity, Stamina & Heart.

I understood quickly the Fortitude, Intensity and Stamina portion; it seemed like it was kind of given in the fitness world. But what I was (and am) most impacted by more than anything else was HEART. Today, they came together in such a way that was powerful. They joined together to love one of our own and supported her family, friends and each other. 

So, I want to a moment to share a few of my sisters with you. I want you to know their strength and their beauty. These are remarkable women, who deserve to be lifted up. 


And to my sisters, thank you. You have impacted me in ways greater than I could ever articulate. You challenge me daily. Your cheers, your laughter,  and your support brings more to my life that I could have ever anticipated.