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As we have said before, a lot of things are changing around here. We are excited about our next chapter in our business and we look forward to bringing you along with us!

...more on that later, but the first of those changes is that we are introducing a new line of "Mini Shoots' to our line up of services!


Previously if you called and wanted to book a shoot, here is how it went....
You would book a Standard 90 Minute Session for $200, and then spend $300-$1500 on prints. With this you would get A LOT of really great and totally original images to choose from, and hopefully leave with a beautiful wall canvas or two, a slew of prints, and possibly an album of all of your favorites! Our standard shoot is still our most popular and favorite thing to do for Seniors and Families...


What happens if you either

A.) Don't really need 75 mind blowingly unique photos to choose from

B.) Don't want to spend $500-$1500 on photos either because you don't have the cash right now, or you want to get your kids photographed every year and $1000 just doesn't make sense.

BUT you still want a FEW really great quality and creative shots for your home???

Enter the dawn of "The Bartee's Mini Shoot"

We have spent a lot of time thinking in the last few weeks, and we wanted to create something that would make us accessible to everyone, at a price that makes sense to book shoots as often as you would like!

That is why we have created "The Mini Shoot"

What you get with a mini shoot is a 20-30 minute session local to our studio in Pomeroy (indoor or outdoor) where we will take 15-25 images for you to choose from. You still get the quality that you have come to expect from us, you still get the service that keeps our clients coming back, and you still go home with some amazing memories!

Best Part - rather than spending $200 for your session and then $500-$1500 on prints like you do with our full sessions, you will spend $49 on your session and then $150-$350 on prints! Oh! And you get to see your photos the same day that we take them!

Whats the catch?

There really isn't one. You still get the same quality, just not as much variety. That is the trade off. Our mini shoots are designed to give you 15-25 really solid and beautiful images, and to do it fast and affordably. 

What you will get is images like this:

All shot in Pomeroy, all for a $49 Session Plus the cost of your print package ($150-$350)

This shoot is for you if...

1.) You are a last minute senior and need images in time for graduation.

2.) You are the parent of a few kids and you like to get them photographed every single year, but $1000 a pop just doesn't make sense to you

3.) You want great quality, without great variety

4.) You are working on a tight budget, but you still want beautiful photos

5.) You already had your senior photos done, but you want a few more from us!

6.) You love Rana and I and you are just looking for an excuse to spend some time with us! (Best Reason)

This shoot is NOT for you if...

1.) You are wanting to do a super involved shoot where you come away with images that are completely unique from anything you have ever seen.  Like This one >>>>>>>>>

2.) You want to do your shoot outside of Pomeroy

3.) You are booking your shoot for a "Once in a Lifetime Event"

4.) If you are wanting a large variety of photos to choose from

5.) You are a senior and you want to photograph lot's of different things about you (Sports, Hobby's, etc) If any of these things sound like you, ask about our Signature Sessions.

I'm Sold! When are these and how do I sign up???

These shoots will be taking place periodically throughout the year, but our first round of them will be May 5th-11th. We are only opening up 7 spots for these, so if you are interested - act fast!

To Sign up: 
1.) Look at your schedule to see what days between the 5th and the 11th you have free. 
2.) Talk it over with whoever you need to
3.) Fill out this little form with as much detail as possible and we will get ahold of you soon, or simply call me directly at 740 416 4103 (Have your $49 Session Fee Ready when you book)

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