Snow Shoots with The Bartees!

Want to take advantage of this supposed blizzard???

So I don't know if you heard, but according to the Bread Isle at walmart... we are supposed to get SLAMMED this weekend with snow. 

Might happen. Might Not. 

But I do think that we should have a big community French Toast breakfast with all this milk, eggs, and bread. 

Anyway - back to the point. 

Once a year, when it snows enough to be pretty, we take a few mini shoots in the snow. It is a fun, unique, and REALLY cold way to create some amazing portraits! 

So this weekend we will be taking up to 5 snow shoots, which will carry a $59 sitting fee, but only IF it snows. 

So how are we supposed to book shoots that we don't even know are happening or not? 

That's easy. We have what we call a "Snow List," which is a group of people who we call through when it snows, and the first person that picks up and is able to do it gets the shoot. 

Print packages are the same as our standard mini sessions ($149-$449 with disk only options in the middle) 

How do you get on the snow list? Easy - fill out this little form and wait for our phone call! 

First Come first serve - are ya feeling lucky? :P

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