TBT - The Client that Said We Weren't Good Enough...

Ok. So let's call it like it is... that headline was click bait... (Sorry) ...but I really wanted you to read this story...

Let's rewind to the beginning. 

About a year ago, we got a phone call from a prospective senior client that was interested in setting up a senior session with us. 

*Ring Ring Ring*

Me: Hello? 

Client: Hi! I am looking for something different for my daughters senior portrait session...

Me: Awesome! That is what we do! We take don't take our inspiration from other senior photographers, rather, we tend to look at magazines, movies, music vi,,,

Client: Let me stop you real quick. We are looking for something different from even what you do. To be honest we almost didn't call you because your photos looked a little bit too "Senior Picture-y" No offense, but do you have any tricks that AREN'T on your website???

Me: Uhhhhhh....

Let me pause for a second and tell you what I was feeling at the moment. Rana and I have ALWAYS prided ourselves on being COMPLETELY different from our competition. So different in fact that some people do not even like our style. (Nothing of true value has ever been universally accepted) We literally eat, sleep, and breath "DIFFERENT."

I mean. Have you met us? We are kind of weirdos. 

That said. Even though we were initially offended by this clients comments... we quickly turned our perspective to see what was truly going on... we had a HUGE opportunity on our hands. 

You see, even though we thought of ourselves as "the weird ones," we were still kind of playing it safe to make sure that we appealed to enough people to keep the bills paid. 

This client was a shining example of just what we had unknowingly been waiting for all along. 

She was giving us "permission" to be as unique as we wanted to be, and if there was one... there had to be more! 

So... to this beautiful client of ours... 

I want to say thank you. You truly changed our lives and the way we do business. We have looked at every single shoot since yours differently, and I believe that it has paid dividends. 


What's the moral of this story? 

Life is to short to play it safe. Some of the most amazing things you will ever create come when you completely abandon everything that you THINK you are, and focus only on the new. The Exciting. The TRULY... different. 

Take a look at a few shots from that life changing shoot last year, and if YOU want to challenge us to create something new with you... All I have to say is we are down! 

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