The Greatest Shoot of All Time | Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography | Peyton Eastman Beauty Shoot

I know that we keep on posting about this shoot or that one being our "Favorite One in a while..." 

Well. This one is our favorite shoot ever. 

Yeah. I'm serious. 

We did a "Day Shoot" with Peyton last week where we drove all around Columbus, and at the end we stopped at a SUPER SECRET location to get the shots that you see here at the beginning. 

Talk about stunning! Look at this girl! Look at that dress! 

Big thanks to Susan and Peyton for coming along with us on this shoot. We had a blast!

On another note - if you are as blown away as we are with this shoot... click the little "Get In Touch" button at the top of our website and fill out the contact form to set up a shoot of your own! 

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The Bartees