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In the Memorial Auditorium on Ohio University's Campus

In the Memorial Auditorium on Ohio University's Campus

Have you met Niki & Matt?  You should, they're fantastic people. :)  When Niki first began recounting their relationship and how it grew into what it is today I felt a little comrodry.  She & Matt (like Brandon and I) got to know each other in production.  They worked together that the Memorial Auditorium on the campus of Ohio University... though this was just a chapter in the middle of the book for them, it was definitely the MOST suitable place for them to tie the knot! 

Hearing their friends and family talk about them was beautiful.  They are loved deeply.  

Thank you so much for inviting us to share in your special day and congratulations again guys, we're SOOOOO excited for you!! :)

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Megan & Jesse | Engagement Session in Marietta, Ohio | The Bartees Wedding Photographers

Meet Megan & Jesse!  We had so much fun at their shoot, although they almost got ran over by a cyclist at one point.. but they stuck with us and we created some stunning images.  Thanks so much again for choosing to work with us!! Enjoy! ;)

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-The Bartees

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Beth & Josh | Wedding at Lambert's Winery in Weston, West Virginia | The Bartees Photography

The moment I met Beth and Josh, I KNEW I wanted to shoot their wedding! We were so excited to be able to spend their day with them, and it couldn't have been more beautiful.  

We were FINALLY able to share their wedding photos with them tonight, and so now I'm thrilled to share them with you all. 

Also, a HUGE shoutout to Beth's son, Brady!! You'll see him frequently throughout the post.  We became "Hug Buddies" throughout the wedding day, so much so that he brought me THE MOST AMAZING Pumpkin-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies tonight.  This Fall-Junky's heart melted. :)

Are you LOVING what you're seeing?  We have to give some credit to our friend and fellow professional, Hannah West.  She's my go-to-gal for hair and make-up for any of my shoots.  She drove all the way out to Weston, WV to do Beth's make-up.  What a stunning job!! :)

Congratulations AGAIN Beth & Josh!!  We are so thrilled for you, being married is the greatest!

-Rana & Brandon

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Danny & Jordan Sloan | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding | Kent Island Wedding Photography | The Bartees

It may have been rainy, a little chilly, and a  bit breezy... but there was so much love.  These two are CRAZY in love with each other.  You can tell by the way they glance at each other from across the room.  Beyond that they are a TON of fun!! They had US laughing all day!  

Danny & Jordan, thank you so much for choosing us to capture your wedding day.  We are so excited for you, being married is the best. ;)

-Rana & Brandon 

Brooke Reynolds Signature Shoot | The Bartees Photography | Pomeroy Ohio Photography

We did a 2 part shoot with Brooke, one during the day... and one at night. 

Both were fun... but you know we always love shooting at night! We had a blast with brooke and we are extremely happy with the way that they turned out! 

What do you think?

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The Bartees

The Greatest Shoot of All Time | Columbus Ohio Portrait Photography | Peyton Eastman Beauty Shoot

I know that we keep on posting about this shoot or that one being our "Favorite One in a while..." 

Well. This one is our favorite shoot ever. 

Yeah. I'm serious. 

We did a "Day Shoot" with Peyton last week where we drove all around Columbus, and at the end we stopped at a SUPER SECRET location to get the shots that you see here at the beginning. 

Talk about stunning! Look at this girl! Look at that dress! 

Big thanks to Susan and Peyton for coming along with us on this shoot. We had a blast!

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The Bartees

Micah & Tricia | The Bartees Photography | Wedding Photography

Yesterday we spent the day with Micah & Tricia.  We were SO excited to be a part of their big day, they're family AND friends.  We love shooting weddings, we love Micah & Tricia, we love family.  WE LOVED yesterday... to spend the day with these two and our family. Bliss. :)

The weather didn't seem like it was going to work with us a few times, but it seemed like every time Tricia was in front of the camera, the sun came out.  She was beaming.  

Micah & Tricia, we are so excited for you.  We can't think of a better way to have spent our Six-Month Anniversary. We love you guys, and can't wait to share the rest of your photos with you!!

-Brandon & Rana 

Abigail Collins Signature Shoot | The Bartees Photography | Pomeroy Ohio Photography

Our Favorite Shoot in a While

Talk about a wake up call. 

Abigail and her mom came into the studio and told us that they were looking for something completely different from what they were used to seeing in senior photography. In fact - they even told us that they almost didn't go with us because they weren't sure if our portfolio was truly unique enough to accommodate what they were looking for. 

Man! We took that as a challenge. We spent hours researching different ideas for this, and even went out and bought a mid 19th century lens to give the images an even more unique look! 

So look CLOSELY at these photos. You might miss it if you look too quickly. 

With most photos, the background is slightly blurred so as to add contrast to the subject. 

Can you see what makes the background in these photos different? Can you see what it is about the first and last images that almost makes them look painted? 

I'll give you a hint. It's not photoshop! 


And please. If you have a streak of "different" in you - please set up a time to come in and talk to us. We come ALIVE when we are challenged to come up with something that no one has ever done before. 


Thank you Abigail - Thank you for the challenge!


The Dawn of the Mini Shoot | The Bartees Photography | Pomeroy Ohio Photographer

Pomeroy Ohio Photographer The Bartees

As we have said before, a lot of things are changing around here. We are excited about our next chapter in our business and we look forward to bringing you along with us!

...more on that later, but the first of those changes is that we are introducing a new line of "Mini Shoots' to our line up of services!


Previously if you called and wanted to book a shoot, here is how it went....
You would book a Standard 90 Minute Session for $200, and then spend $300-$1500 on prints. With this you would get A LOT of really great and totally original images to choose from, and hopefully leave with a beautiful wall canvas or two, a slew of prints, and possibly an album of all of your favorites! Our standard shoot is still our most popular and favorite thing to do for Seniors and Families...


What happens if you either

A.) Don't really need 75 mind blowingly unique photos to choose from

B.) Don't want to spend $500-$1500 on photos either because you don't have the cash right now, or you want to get your kids photographed every year and $1000 just doesn't make sense.

BUT you still want a FEW really great quality and creative shots for your home???

Enter the dawn of "The Bartee's Mini Shoot"

We have spent a lot of time thinking in the last few weeks, and we wanted to create something that would make us accessible to everyone, at a price that makes sense to book shoots as often as you would like!

That is why we have created "The Mini Shoot"

What you get with a mini shoot is a 20-30 minute session local to our studio in Pomeroy (indoor or outdoor) where we will take 15-25 images for you to choose from. You still get the quality that you have come to expect from us, you still get the service that keeps our clients coming back, and you still go home with some amazing memories!

Best Part - rather than spending $200 for your session and then $500-$1500 on prints like you do with our full sessions, you will spend $49 on your session and then $150-$350 on prints! Oh! And you get to see your photos the same day that we take them!

Whats the catch?

There really isn't one. You still get the same quality, just not as much variety. That is the trade off. Our mini shoots are designed to give you 15-25 really solid and beautiful images, and to do it fast and affordably. 

What you will get is images like this:

All shot in Pomeroy, all for a $49 Session Plus the cost of your print package ($150-$350)

This shoot is for you if...

1.) You are a last minute senior and need images in time for graduation.

2.) You are the parent of a few kids and you like to get them photographed every single year, but $1000 a pop just doesn't make sense to you

3.) You want great quality, without great variety

4.) You are working on a tight budget, but you still want beautiful photos

5.) You already had your senior photos done, but you want a few more from us!

6.) You love Rana and I and you are just looking for an excuse to spend some time with us! (Best Reason)

This shoot is NOT for you if...

1.) You are wanting to do a super involved shoot where you come away with images that are completely unique from anything you have ever seen.  Like This one >>>>>>>>>

2.) You want to do your shoot outside of Pomeroy

3.) You are booking your shoot for a "Once in a Lifetime Event"

4.) If you are wanting a large variety of photos to choose from

5.) You are a senior and you want to photograph lot's of different things about you (Sports, Hobby's, etc) If any of these things sound like you, ask about our Signature Sessions.

I'm Sold! When are these and how do I sign up???

These shoots will be taking place periodically throughout the year, but our first round of them will be May 5th-11th. We are only opening up 7 spots for these, so if you are interested - act fast!

To Sign up: 
1.) Look at your schedule to see what days between the 5th and the 11th you have free. 
2.) Talk it over with whoever you need to
3.) Fill out this little form with as much detail as possible and we will get ahold of you soon, or simply call me directly at 740 416 4103 (Have your $49 Session Fee Ready when you book)

Name *
What is the best time to get ahold of you?

Story #2 | Danny + Jordan Engagement Photos | Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography


Rana and I LOVE to travel for photography.

I mean - we live for it! Every time the phone rings from an out of state number we just about jump out of our chairs because it usually means that we get to go do what we love in a far away and beautiful place! At least half of the weddings that we shoot take place out of state!

(We love it so much that even though we are based in Southern Ohio, we typically don't charge travel fees for clients within 300 miles)

Danny and Jordan are from the Chesapeake Bay area in Maryland and will be having their wedding done at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club this October! This past weekend we had the opportunity to go out and do their engagement session there and we are super happy with the results.

Danny and Jordan have a really sweet story about how they met, but first - here are a few photos from their session!

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography
Danny and I met each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party back when I was 13 and he was 14. We never really had much communication after the party, even though we went to the same school. Our same friend had another birthday party the next year that we both went to again. This time we really made a connection. Danny officially asked me out a couple months later on December 15, 2007. We have dated all the way through high school and college!! He proposed June,14 2013 and of course I said yes!! Here we are seven years later! Very excited to be getting married October 11, 2014!!!
— Jordan

Are you getting married?

Rana and I specialize in photographing couples and have done so all over the country for the last 7 years. If you loved Danny and Jordan's photos and would be interested in learning more about hiring "The Bartees" for your wedding - click the little "Get In Touch" link at the top right hand corner of the screen and fill out our contact form! Engagement Sessions start at $399 and our Wedding Packages start at $2499.