Shooters In Training Photography Workshop
by The Bartees

Dates: February 23rd and 24th
Cost: $249


Day One: Saturday from 8AM to 6PM

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of buttons and options on your DSLR camera? Some cameras literally HUNDREDS of different settings, but the secret is that you really only need to know how to use a few of them to take professional quality images. We will spend the entire first day teaching you what you need to know to go from being an absolute beginner and shooting in auto mode, to shooting in MANUAL mode like the pros! By the end of the day Saturday you will be confidently telling your camera EXACTLY what to do, rather than just letting it guess what you want. All you need to bring with your is your DSLR camera, a notebook, and whatever lenses you may have. 



Day Two: Sunday from noon to 6 PM

After you have mastered your camera settings on Saturday, it will be time to learn the more creative side of photography on Sunday. We will go over some basic lighting tricks, how to find amazing locations, how to compose your shots, how to get good photos at sporting events, and SO SO much more. While day one is purely technical, day two is all about art. The majority of the second day is spent outside shooting, so be sure to bring a jacket and gloves if you think it will be chilly. At the end of it all, we will conclude our time together in a big Q&A Session where we will go over gear, software, etc. We do not hold anything back, and we promise to share any of our secrets that you ask about! 


And Beyond! (the Facebook Group)

 The final part of the workshop is an ongoing community of people who have taken the class before in a Facebook Group. Upon completion of the class, you will be added to our secret group where you can post photos for critique, or even just to brag. We also occasionally post additional tips and tricks as well. As of right now there are over 100 other photographers who occasionally post their work asking for advice. It truly is a beautiful thing.


The Reviews

Just finished the weekend long class with the Bartee’s and it was amazing! Although I have owned a decent camera for awhile now, I’ve only used it on auto. After this class though I actually understand how to shoot in the manual mood and can’t wait to practice and get some great shots of my kiddos. Thank you for a wonderful class! Rana, Brandon and Grace were all great teachers!

— Amber B.
I took their entry level photography course (Nov2015) and learned more about my camera in that weekend than I did in the four years I owned it! I highly recommend them if you want to learn more than just pointing and shooting with your camera! Thanks for the fun learning experience Brandon, Rana, and Grace!
— Victoria S.
I just want to say that I throughly enjoyed my “Shooters in Training” class with Brandon, Rana and Grace! It was a lot of information to digest, but they made it easy! I have an entirely new perspective of what photographers do now! It is so much more than “point and shoot”! If you haven’t already done so, you should take this class! Plus, they’re pretty great people!
— Ashli P
I had the honor of attending one of The Bartees workshops this weekend. Brandon, Rana, and Grace are amazing photographers and excellent teachers. I learned SO much in such a short amount of time, and can’t wait to use all my new skills. I’m so pleased with my experience I’ve already reserved my spot for the class scheduled in February. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve the quality of their own photography.
— Melissa L.
I LOVE photography and since I’ve taken their class I really understand it all now. I can shoot in manual and take great pictures and I recommend them to anyone who is interested in photography or wants pictures taken. They’re great people and great at what they do! :)
— Kali C.

Sign Up Now

All you have to do to sign up is pay a $25 deposit to hold your spot, and then come to the studio at 212 East Main Street in Pomeroy on Class Day! This will be our first class in over 2 years, and we are so excited to get back at it! We have learned a TON while we have been away from the classes, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Whether you are wanting to just increase your skills as a hobbyist, or you hope to one day run a busy studio like we do, this is your first step. You can sign up by clicking the link below.